Web Developer in Auckland, New Zealand Cures Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during sleep

web designer in New Zealand cures carpal tunnel

As a web designer and ecommerce expert, I depend on my hands to get things done with my creative team. We do ecommerce sites for companies all over the world, but most of our clients hail from Auckland and the surrounding area. We have worked smart and hard to develop one of the leading businesses in our field in New Zealand. I typically put in 10 – 12 hours a day on week days and I need my hands to work at peak pace so I can get home to my family and friends.

When Carpal Tunnel struck, it took me by surprise. I was in my prime and I did not know what was happening to me. I was waking up at night with numb hands. At first I thought it was because I was lying on my arms causing them to become numb and tingly. Then my hands became achy during the day and I could not work as fast as normal. I was losing the feeling in my fingertips. Everything I did was labored and difficult. It was very frustrating. I felt like a zombie during the day and started dropping stuff all the time.

A colleague said it sounded like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I knew some friends who had the surgery and they were laid up for a long time doing rehab and some had lingering symptoms even after Carpal Tunnel Surgery. I could not afford the down time and knew I did not want to risk my hands so, I kept trying splints and pain meds, nothing I tried help much. The pain meds took the edge off the pain, but my symptoms just kept getting worse.

I started looking on the internet for some outside the box answers and I found this unique treatment developed by Doctors called the Carpal Solution. I liked the website. Very professionally done and some impressive doctors were involved in the development of it, so I decided to give it a try. I was a little concerned about ordering from so far away. It is based in America. But I’ve got to say, they offer DHL courier service and the package with the Carpal Solution arrived in less than a week – all the way across the world for a reasonable shipping price. The customer service was great – they answered all my questions via email and rang me up by phone when I requested a call. The best part was within a week, I was sleeping through the night again.

Web Developer
Auckland, New Zealand

web developers work hard with their hands and develop carpal tunnel syndrome

Patients throughout New Zealand and Australia avert the complications and downtime associated with Carpal Tunnel Surgery with the alternative treatment developed by Doctors known as the Carpal Solution Treatment. Whether you are a computer programmer, electrician, web designer or dentist who depends on their hands for work, you can get proven relief from your hand pain, wrist pain, hand numbness and sleep loss with the Carpal Solution Therapy.

You can also put this hand / wrist condition in complete remission for years with just a 6 Week Treatment Regimen of gentle stretching applied while you sleep. It combines 224 hours of gentle stretching in 6 Weeks. There is no other way to duplicate this type of consistent gentle stretching. Like Neurologist say the Carpal Solution is a better way to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is the best alternative to Carpal Tunnel Surgery, because it works for over 97% of people and there are no side effects nor risks of complications.

The Carpal Solution is a safe and effective way to treat CTS. There is no need to go on suffering. The Carpal Solution was developed by Doctors and works for most people. They get relief of their worst symptoms within three weeks and complete remission within 6 weeks. Then Carpal Tunnel goes away for 2 to 7 years for most.

With over 5 warehouse around the world and reliable courier service using DHL, UPS and FEDEX, we can send you the Carpal Solution wherever you find yourself in the world. Put our money back guarantee to the test and put Carpal Tunnel Suffering behind you once and for all with The Carpal Solution. We can help you!

If you are suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome you can cure your condition during sleep in the comfort of home
we ship the carpal solution worldwide
dhl helps to deliver the carpal solution worldwide

We can deliver the Carpal Solution anywhere in the world within 4 – 7 days with courier service from our five warehouses globally. We have warehouses in:

• Boston, Massachusetts, USA,
• Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
• Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
• Tokyo, Japan

The Carpal Solution Night Time Therapy has a 97 percent success rate

Doctors developed the Carpal Solution Treatment working with Patients.

The Carpal Solution is the best alternative treatment to Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

It works for 97% of people.

Most people get relief of their worst symptoms within three weeks and complete remission within six weeks.

All without submitting themselves to the risks, complications and downtime of Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

computer worker cures carpal tunnel
dr pollard discusses curing carpal tunnel
Order the Carpal Solution Today Wherever You Might Be. We will get your package to you.

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