Flutist Stops Carpal Tunnel Pain and Sleepless Nights

“I play the flute in a classical music group and am passionate about it. After a particular heavy series of practice sessions preparing for a concert I found my hands and wrists were aching and woke me up at night with numb hands.”

“It was so disconcerting to think that my hand condition might keep me from playing. I began searching and talking with friends about what they do. A friend recommended the Carpal Solution. It seemed too good to be true, but I trusted my friend and purchased the Six Week Therapy Pac. Within a week I was back to regular practice without pain and numbness.

My natural strength and dexterity returned. I was able to sleep without interruption. The Carpal Solution is Marvelous!”

Jean S. – Maryland.

flute-player-carpal-tunnelPlayers of wind instruments like the clarinet, the flute, the trumpet and the Oboe find that the unique hand dexterity and intricate hand positions required to perform their craft often result in the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms.

It seems unfair, that the camaraderie of musicians is beset with such a high incidence of hand problems, when they bring so much enjoyment to the people for whom they play and entertain. However, most musicians will not consider taking the down time or risk to have their hands cut on except as a last resort. This is why the Carpal Solution Therapy is so appealing to musicians as a group. They can control their symptoms without downtime and do the needed Carpal Solution Therapy at night while they sleep in just a six week protocol.

Also, there is no risk of longterm injury or metabolic changes and threats associated with steroid injections and oral pain medications when using the Carpal Solution. A Clarinetist said, “The Carpal Solution is so easy to use and it works consistently to control my symptoms. It is like a dream come true. To think I was actually getting to the point with my CTS symptoms that I was considering giving up my music. Well, perish at the thought of that. I know have the solution, The Carpal Solution and want to tell all my musician friends.”