Hotel Manager in Singapore Cures Carpal Tunnel

Hotel Manager in Singapore Cures Carpal Tunnel

I work as a Hotel Manager in Singapore. I am so busy at work. I need to have a good night of sleep and I need to have my hands function to do my work efficiently on my ipad, on my iphone at the computer or just filling in wherever I am needed. Everyday my routine is different, but my hands are essential for everything we do.   Also, at home I need my hands for my daily activities.

I had been suffering with hand pain, wrist pain and hand numbness waking me up at night for over a year. My Doctor said it is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He recommended wrist splints, but they did not help. I seemed to get worse with wearing the wrist splints. He gave me injections in both hands and that hurt when he did it, but it gave me relief for about 6 weeks. Then my Carpal Tunnel Symptoms came on even worse.   I did not want to keep having injections every 6 weeks.

My CTS was progressively getting worse. Then he said that I need to have Carpal Tunnel Surgery.   I had some colleagues and some direct reports who had the surgery done and they received some relief, but still have lingering symptoms that bother them. They were out of work for over 6 weeks. If I am going to undergo the risks of surgery and the downtime, I have to know that I am going to get completely better.

Another friend had the surgery and was fine for a couple of years, but then said CTS came back. I don’t understand why anyone would undergo the risks of surgery for a condition that comes back.

I was getting desperate. My husband found the website: and showed me the Carpal Solution Treatment. I liked what I read and was impressed with the videos by medical people and the video showing how to apply it. I loved the fact that I could treat myself at home with a proven treatment developed by Doctors.  So, my husband ordered it and it arrived in less than a week through DHL courier service. We use DHL at the hotel regularly. I am always impressed with how quickly DHL delivers things across the world.

we ship the carpal solution worldwidethe carpal solution ready to be shipped anywhere in the worldanywhere you are in the world you can cure carpal tunnel.

So, I started using the Carpal Solution and within 3 nights I was sleeping through the night again.   The shooting pain up my forearm disappeared within 10 days. The dull ache in my wrist stopped too.   The annoying hand and finger numbness was the last symptom to be controlled. It disappeared in the fourth week.   In 6 weeks I was cured of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   I was so happy.   I did not have to submit to the risks and downtime of surgery – No more fear of the painful injections – No more restrictive uncomfortable wrist splints.

It seems too good to be true. The Doctors who developed the Carpal Solution treatment know what they are doing. If you are suffering like I did, don’t wait, get started with the Carpal Solution 6 Week Package.   It is so much better than the other options.   I wish I would have found the Carpal Solution in the beginning.   It would have saved me a lot of grief.


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