Fisherman in Ketchikan, Alaska Cures Carpal Tunnel During Sleep

I have been fishing for over a decade. My partner and I run a commercial fishing operation out of Ketchikan, Alaska. I was surprised when I started waking up in the night with my hands numb and tingling and my wrists aching. I thought I was sleeping in a position that was causing my hands to go numb. It is hard to work the long days we put in when you are not getting enough sleep.

Then, I started losing feeling in my finger tips and grip strength. I knew at that point it was something more than sleeping on my hands. A lady at the fishing equipment supply said, “You have Carpal Tunnel. I had that during my pregnancy.”

Fisherman in Ketchikan, Alaska Cures Carpal Tunnel During Sleep
Fisherman have a high Incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

So, I started looking into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome online. My symptoms were almost identical to the description. I guess a lot of people have different types of symptoms.

It is dangerous being out in frigid water without feeling in your hands and without grip strength. We fisherman depend on our hands for everything. Sometimes your grip can be the difference between life and death. I knew I had to do something. I heard of some people that had had surgery, but some of the stories gave me pause and the downtime was not really an option for me.

The same lady told me about this home treatment developed by Doctors called the Carpal Solution and said it cured her Carpal Syndrome. I read about it on the internet and liked the videos I watched. I liked that fact that this treatment was developed by some Doctors with some fancy backgrounds.

It seemed too good to be legit, but the videos gave me confidence. You can’t fake stories like that. So, I called the number and ordered it.

It came with 28 of these disposable stretch tape contraptions that you put on before going to bed, set the tension and wear during sleep – Seemed simple enough. After four days, I started sleeping through the night. That was good, I was surprised it could work that fast. Over the next two weeks I notice that I did not get the electrical shocks up my forearm any more. I didn’t even know that was from Carpal Tunnel. Then, the feeling started coming back in my fingers and I noticed more grip strength. Within four weeks I felt completely better.

It was such a relief, to have a treatment I can do at home that works. I love being out on the water fishing and did not want to be forced to take a desk job or be a sales clerk, or try to find something where I did not need my hands. Not sure if a job like that exists???

So, I can add my story to the rest. If the Carpal Solution Treatment can help an old fisherman like me, it can probably help anyone. I don’t think anyone uses their hands more than us fishermen. Maybe the boat mechanic does.

Anyway, you get the picture. If you have achy numb hands waking you up at night, aching wrists, and you are losing your feeling and getting electrical shocks up your arms and losing your grip. Don’t suffer and worry, there is a good treatment out there that works. If you are like me, you can get better in just a few weeks and get back to the things you need to do.

The Carpal Solution Works!

Ketchikan, Alaska

Fishermen access best Carpal Tunnel Treatment Even in remote places like Ketchikan Alaska


Whether you are a commercial fisherman, an oil field worker, a boat mechanic or fish processing workers, you have a high likelihood of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When you are in a remote location, medical care can be hard to access when you need it, especially in a crisis. The Carpal Solution Treatment can reach you no matter where you might be with a week or less. There is no need to suffer with hand pain, wrist pain, electrical like shocks going up your forearm or hand numbness and loss of feeling in your fingers and thumbs. It can be dangerous to suffer with Carpal Tunnel when you have these type of jobs where you depend on your hands in difficult situation working with sharp tools and around the water.

There is no need to suffer and take risks. If you are suffering with these Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, order today we can help you get relief and keep working without downtime and without the complications of Carpal Tunnel Surgery. This is a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that is developed by Doctors, FDA Registered and can be accessed for treatment during sleep any place you might happen to be.

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Watch Videos of Doctors Discussing How to Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during sleep.

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