eSports Competitor Cures Carpal Tunnel with Home Treatment Developed by Doctors

As an eSports Gaming Competitor and a Tesla Vehicle Technician, I found Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was forcing me to make choices I did not want to make. I could not keep Gaming at a competitive level and doing my day job working on Tesla Electric Vehicles.

My hands were in pain and numb and tingling. My wrists ached. My hands would wake me up at night with a dull ache and tingling numbness. It starts to drive you crazy after a while. I decided I would have to prioritize work over my hobby. Got to pay the bills. Although, I believe I have a real shot at competing for the big prize money at the next Dota 2 tournament.

I was really conflicted. My girlfriend assured me that my choice to prioritize my day job at Tesla was the right move.

eSports Gaming Competitors have a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I have tried to convince her and myself that I have a real shot at competing for the big money at Dota 2, but the worse my hands started feeling and the less sensitivity I had in my fingers and the pain in my wrist intensified – the more reality set in – that I have no shot at winning; as long as Carpal Tunnel is slowing me down and limiting my dexterity, reaction time and practice.

Tesla Vehicle Technician Cures Carpal Tunnel at Home with The Carpal Solution Treatment and keeps up with his Gaming Passion

I thought I had tried everything, but surgery. I had tried treatments ranging from acupuncture to day time stretching regimens, from wrist splints and supplements laden with Vitamin B complex to physical therapy and compression gloves. There were a couple of times, I thought I was turning the corner, but the hand pain, wrist pain and numbness would always catch up with me.

Nothing really worked consistently or reliably. As soon as I went back to full activity, the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms would return seemingly strong each time.

I dreaded the thought of Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

I had some friends that went down the surgery route at work and in my gaming community. They were out for months and never got back to full grip strength. Some said that the surgery worked for 6 months or so, but then Carpal Tunnel Symptoms came back even stronger.

I cannot afford the downtime for surgery if it is not a permanent fix. Nor do I want the risk of complications. My hands are way too important for work and play.

Then, searching on the internet, my girlfriend found this Carpal Solution Treatment that you do at night during sleep. It was developed by Doctors and sounded like it might work. I was skeptical, because I had tried so many treatments without success. My girlfriend said she thought I was depressed and needed to snap out of it and give this treatment a try. There was a money back guarantee and it is reimbursed by Health Insurance, so I figured, I had nothing to lose and ordered the Carpal Solution Kit on line.

Within the first 10 days I started sleeping through the night with no disturbance from my hands. It seemed too good to be true. I was getting better from the Carpal Tunnel Plague that had gripped my life for over a year.

My grip strength was returning. I did not drop tools. My hand pain dissipated all within three weeks. I was feeling confident and decided to ramp up my gaming activity, my girlfriend wanted me to wait, but I had to give it a try.

In the fourth week, I was gaming 2 to 3 hours per night and still was getting better all the time.
I really had to pinch myself. I could not believe this simple stretching treatment at night during sleep could cure my chronic Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.

After the fifth week, I tried everything I could to trigger Carpal Tunnel, but no pain, no numbness, no sleep interruptions. I was completely better in just five weeks. I can go full speed now. I am so excited. The next Dota 2 eSport Tournament may still be an option for me.

I wish I have found the Carpal Solution earlier and tried it first before I wasted so much time and energy on other treatment options that did not work for me.

Thank you for giving me my life back First Hand Medical. The Carpal Solution Treatment really works! The Carpal Solution gets a 5 out of 5 stars – review from me.


Tesla Vehicle Technician and eSport Competitor

Sacramento, California

If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and are determined to avoid the risks, downtime and complications of repeat surgical procedures; you should order and try the Carpal Solution Treatment. Thousands of mechanics around the world depend on the Carpal Solution Treatment. Tens of thousands of video game enthusiasts depend on the Carpal Solution to stay competitive and enjoy their passion.

There is no need to put your life on hold, worrying about Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

The Carpal Solution Treatment is recommended by Neurologists as the best first line treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Carpal Solution was developed by Doctors and works for 97% of people with CTS. It comes with a 30 Day money back guarantee and is reimbursed by health insurance companies.

carpal tunnel can be treated at home with this safe and natural stretch taping system
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