Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment Saved My Dental Career

Doctor Marielaina Perrone, DDS tells her Carpal Tunnel Journey – Transcript of Video

You can read Dr. Peronne’s Carpal Tunnel Journey told from the perspective of a medical professional here, or Watch her tell her story on video by clicking on the photo of Dr. Perrone provided at the end of this written transcript.

As an experienced medical professional, she provides unique insight into suffering through the Carpal Tunnel Ordeal. She discusses how anxiety, stress hand pain and chronic sleep loss was destroying her life and openly discusses her many emotions as she went through this difficult experience.

Patients can learn a lot from her personal story told here:

The Carpal Solution saved my dental practice. I recommend it without reservation

I am Doctor Marielaina Perrone. I’m a dentist and I have a practice in Henderson, Nevada. I’ve had this practice for 11 years now, and I’m here today to tell you about an amazing carpal tunnel therapy called The Carpal Solution.

Anybody who knows me knows that I value my time off and being here doing this video on my day off and not being with my family requires something pretty important. And I really truly think this is something pretty important to be doing right now.

I am proud to say that I use The Carpal Solution Treatment. It’s really helped me through some trying times and has come through for me and to have the classic carpal tunnel symptoms probably about five years ago where I had the pain that started in my fingers and worked its way up to my elbow.

Tingling, discomfort, especially after a long day of a lot of root canals or extractions and then I would go home and the pain would usually subside and I was okay

About three years ago my symptoms became much worse. I put together a play kitchen for my kids and those come with about a thousand screws and I was putting it together by hand with a screwdriver pretty much all day. By that night the pain was excruciating and it wasn’t going away.

Marielaina Perrone Patients choice award

So the next day I ran out and bought one of those Wrist Splits. It was an Impressive looking thing from just below my elbow to the tips of my finger. I start wearing that Wrist Splint all night. I would wear that between patients when I had a break. I’d wear it after work and it wasn’t doing anything.

So, I started to get pretty anxious and I was pretty devastated thinking day and night about how much longer am I going to be able to perform as a dentist and how soon am I going to have to sell my practice and how am I going to take care of my family and I wasn’t sleeping very well not because just because of the pain that I was having at night, but because the anxiety and it was affecting my husband, too.

He saw what I was going through. So he decided to go on the internet. He’s kind of a computer guy and started looking everything up and researching and spent pretty much an entire day trying to find some alternate therapies for me because I am not a surgery person anyway, but with what I do and the fine motor skills that you need to really be a good dentist.

My fear of the risk of losing that was just as bad as not having my practice anymore because I probably would have to give up my practice. So when he went and looked and saw what doctors were saying and people were saying
about the Carpal Solution he decided to order it.

I didn’t know anything about it until he gave it to me one night when I had come in the mail and asked me to use it. When I looked at it and the kind of the simplicity of it , I chuckled to myself and thought well, I’ll appease him and I know he did some pretty hard research. So I’ll use it. I’ll try it! Then when it doesn’t work he at least knows that I put in the effort and did it.

I put it on the first night and the next morning. I felt a little bit better and I thought well it’s probably just in my head. I’m not going to jump to any conclusions because I know how bad it’s been and I wore it again the next couple of nights and before I knew it– probably about a week, a week and a half. I was feeling better.

I was elated! I realized that the Carpal Solution was actually “My Solution” now, for the carpal tunnel symptoms.
The simple natural stretching therapy – putting this medical tape across the back of your hand and attaching it to the palm with sticky strips and changing the position of your hand and restoring blood flow to the hand. I would rest my arm on a pillow at night with my little Carpal Solution Device on and every morning would feel better. Whenever I would have my symptoms increase again, I would start wearing it. I don’t wear it every night. I only start wearing it when I have the slightest symptoms and I’ll wear it for a night or two and the carpal solution takes care of it.

If I really, really overdo it. I’ll wear it for about a week straight and that’ll take care of the problem. So now I don’t think about how soon am I going to sell my practice or worry about family income. Now, I think about how long am I going to get to enjoy practicing dentistry and enjoying the profession that I’ve loved for so long. I can retire when I want to and when it fits my life style thanks to the Carpal Solution Treatment.

So this is the package we got in the mail and I’ll show you why I thought it was kind of a simplistic little
item. When you look at one of these, you just peel one of these out of the pack. There’s not much to it here.

It’s pretty simple to put on you. You actually just apply it over the back of your hand. You have one piece of tape down at the bottom. You can do this, you don’t need help from someone else to apply the Carpal Solution. It’s just easy enough to put on by yourself.

You wrap the first piece around and tear it and bring your second part around nice and tight across your hand.

You don’t want the pieces of tape to touch each other on the inside of your palm and a little space between them and then the third one comes across and between the two thumb and the index finger and seals on the palm.

It tears nice and easy, and then once you get it on it just kind of brings your hand to this relaxed position. It allows the soft tissue now to loosen back up, allows the blood flow to come back into the soft tissue and then that calms the whole nerve down and helps it to heal naturally.

So, it is just this simple application of a stretchy type of material with your three straps that stretch your hand in a unique way. As they say, consistent gentle stretching that seems insignificant, accumulates for a powerful natural healing effect. Simplicity is always a great solution when it works. The Carpal Solution is just that – it’s so easy and it doesn’t seem like a complicated product, but it really does work – unblocking your body’s natural healing pathways with simple stretching therapy. So it’s kind of like an aspirin, taking it for your blood pressure and all the other things that tiny little aspirin can do. This little tiny comfortable device delivers amazing natural healing for your hand.

Now that I have my Carpal Solution, I can sleep through the night and it takes the pain away! Now, I don’t have to worry about straining myself and I can do my job to my best ability.

Of course, my husband is happy because he was proven to be right once again. I hate to admit it, but he was right. He is smug about that. He found the solution to help me out. The whole process has been easy, and inexpensive, and surgery free and has allowed me now to live my life the way I’d like to. It gave me my life back.

If you’re suffering the way I was and you need therapy for your carpal tunnel syndrome, and you don’t want to do carpal tunnel surgery – Take advice from a medical professional you can trust. The Carpal Solution Treatment is a great option for anybody suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms.

Although I think it’s great for dentists, anybody who suffers from carpal tunnel can benefit from this remarkable treatment that was developed by Doctors.

As a dentist and a medical professional, my reputation is very important to me. So, I always make sure that when I refer a patient to a medical product or refer patients to another medical specialist, that I want to truly, truly believe in the product or the Medical Specialist being referred. I protect my professional medical reputation with vigor.

The Carpal Solution Treatment is a Product that I wholeheartedly believe in and that’s why I’m taking the time to talk to you about it and telling you about it, because I truly think that, especially if you’re a dentist, if you need help, this stretching program offered by First Hand Medical is going to help you. This will alleviate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and put the problems and symptoms behind you so you can continue on with your busy life.

The Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment can take so much anxiety away from you. This can give you your life back. It did for me. Not a lot of people know about this remarkable home treatment for CTS, and the more people who do know, the more people will reap the benefits. So, I hope that it gets out there and more people will start using the Carpal Solution Treatment.

Thanks for listening to my Carpal Tunnel Journey

Dr. Marielaina Perrone, DDS
Perennial Patient Choice Award Winner
Henderson, Nevada

Watch the Video of Dentist, Dr. Perrone tell about her ordeal with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by clicking on the arrow on the video photo below. She tells why she feared having Carpal Tunnel Surgery based on her training as a medical professional practicing Dentistry for several decades. Her biggest fear was losing her practice because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms preventing her from providing the quality of work she has done for over 20 years – The worry of having to sell her dental practice and retire early and lose the income – those events would change the lives of her family dramatically forever.

dr perrone discusses curing carpal tunnel
repeat carpal tunnel surgeries lead to despair

Fortunately, Dr. Perrone’s husband found a home remedy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that was developed by Doctors and works for 97% of patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Like many of our patients, Doctor Perrone was skeptical about whether or not the Carpal Solution would work, but she did not have a lot of other options and the wrist splints and hand braces she tried did not work at all. Steroid Injections loomed on the horizon, but as a medical professional she knew the downside of Corticosteroid Injections. The benefits only last a month or two and there are some scary long-term side effects.

She knew that the Carpal Tunnel Surgical procedure has a lot of potential complications and some people have to change their professions after a Carpal Tunnel Surgery that goes bad. Besides, as a practicing Dentist, she knew of other Dentist, who had Carpal Tunnel Surgery only to find that Carpal Tunnel came back for them in just a few years.

Second, surgical procedures have a must lower success rate due to scar tissue formation. Dr. Perrone did not want anything to do with repeat surgical procedures. As a Medical Professional, she knew that a lot can go wrong when a surgeon makes incisions deep into soft tissue with the complicated innerworkings of a hand and wrist. Dentist depend on their hands for extremely dexterity in delicate tight situations where millimeters matter in getting a procedure right and avoiding contact with important nerve paths.

The Median Nerve in the hand is responsible for the amazing dexterity and precision movement of the fingers and thumb. If the nerve is nicked inadvertently during a surgical procedure with the scalpel used to cut the transverse carpal ligament, then there are long term issues that are often never resolved. Normally, nerves, do not regenerate after injury, leaving the patient with permanent impairment.

Having A Loved One Supporting Us During a Seemingly Insurmountable Carpal Tunnel Crisis is Often The Key

Most people have a blind spot to the anxiety associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Anxiety that often accompanies Carpal Tunnel Syndrome actually aggravates the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms and makes CTS worse. Doctor Perrone does a great job talking about the anxiety she experienced.

She worried about her Dental Career and how and early retirement induced by Carpal Tunnel would force her to sell her practice and give up the profession that she loves. She also worried about how her lost income would affect her children and her marriage. The fact that Classic Carpal Tunnel also interrupts sleep on a chronic basis, makes the anxiety and mental anguish that much worse.

None of us function well when we are deprived of sleep and worried about losing our job and the consequences of lost income. Most people get irritable when experiencing anxiety and sleep loss associated with CTS and sometimes these factors can damage important relationships – when loved ones do not understand what is going on.

A spouse can play an important role for a person suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Dr. Perrone tells how her husband became proactive and found the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment online. The fact, that it was developed by Doctors and had great reviews, 4.8 stars out of 5 stars on Facebook and YouTube, gave him confidence to purchase it and gift it to his wife as an act of love and concern.

Dr. Perrone’s initial reaction was one of skepticism when her husband presented it to her. Typical of someone suffering under stress with an issue they view as insurmountable. All potential solution tend to seem to be too trivial for their monumental challenge.

A Thoughtful Partner can be a Godsend when facing a Carpal Tunnel Crisis

Dr. Perrone doubted that such a simple treatment apparatus, like the Carpal Solution, could do much good against her chronically painful Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. This is why it is so helpful to have a love one reviewing the situation from the outside that can objectively find reasonable remedies that might work on the seemingly impossible problem.

If Dr. Perrone’s husband had not purchased the Carpal Solution Treatment and gifted it to her, she would have never probably found it and may have lost her dental practice.

An insightful and thoughtful loved one can be an amazing support to someone going through a Carpal Tunnel Crisis. Dr. Perrone’s husband provided exactly the right support that she needed with a timely gift of the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment.

Natural treatment alternatives often are dismissed by people in crisis. The Carpal Solution Treatment is a treatment you can count on.

It was developed by Doctors working directly with thousands of patients based on firsthand medical experience in the trenches of pain and suffering.

The Carpal Solution works for 97% of people. It gets a 4.8 star review rating on key review sites. It comes with a money back guarantee and is FDA Registered.

You can depend on the Carpal Solution Treatment to help you with your time of crisis.

Don’t wait suffering, Don’t succumb to the risks and potential complications of repeated Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedures. There is a better way to treat carpal tunnel in the comfort and convenience of home.

Order YOUR Carpal Solution Now
dentist give a five star review of the carpal solution

“I am not sure if I could continue with my career in dentistry at this point without it. Everyone should know about this.”

Dr. James Blong, DDS

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