Falling Behind At Work Due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I am falling behind at work due to Carpal Tunnel Symptoms and I think it is causing me to have chronic sleep loss as well. Is all of this from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. What can I do to get ahead of this depressing condition?

Long Island, New York

Sometimes we get so focused on achieving our goals we are too driven to stop and figure out a more efficient way to achieve our goals.

This is a common scenario when someone is suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to a heavy work load on the job. Hands get sore and achy and often people experience chronic sleep deprivation as you have described – a classic symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that often catches people by surprise.

Can not stop to cure carpal tunnel too busy working there is a better way

The time it takes to perform a task takes longer, but we keep pushing through determined to not slow down or give in to the pain.

You can just keep pushing ahead through the pain, but it will catch up to you – and then you will not be able to work at all for all while.

Irritability sets in and a person in this situation will often upset or even destroy relationships that are key to a strong team work environment and make the situation even worse by losing cooperation from colleagues.

There is a smarter approach.

Investing in good ergonomics at your work station and getting a solid natural treatment developed by Doctors and proven by patients to work for 97% of people to relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms in just a few weeks is the right approach to become more efficient and manage this chronic hand condition.



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Be Proactive about your hand health and your productivity at work. Don’t let this chronic hand condition rule your life. Your rule it!

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