What Is Wrist Pain a Symptom of?

//What Is Wrist Pain a Symptom of?


“What is wrist pain a symptom of?”


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Carpal Tunnel Answers by Doctors:

CTS is the most common cause of wrist pain.

“CTS is the most common cause of wrist pain.”

There are several health conditions that can cause wrist pain. The most common is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but there are others that range from Gout, to Arthritis, to DeQuervain’s Disease and to Tendonitis. Wrist pain can also be caused by trauma or injury from falling and catching yourself with your hands.

Many of these causes can be interrelated. For instance; Arthritis, Gout, Tendonitis, Dequervain’s Disease and trauma can contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is where the Median Nerve gets pinched in the Carpal Tunnel section of anatomy at the base of the hand.

Carpal Tunnel can result in discomfort in any joint or muscle between the tips of the fingers and neck following the path of the Median Nerve.   Often people are confused when they feel pain in a joint that is not anywhere near the Carpal Tunnel.   In fact many people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome never even experience wrist pain.  CTS can exhibit itself in a multitude of different symptoms from numb finger tips to aching shoulders or even an achy neck.  For more information about other Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, click here.

Wrist Pain is one of the most common symptoms of CTS.

“Wrist Pain is one of the most common symptoms of CTS.”

Because people often feel wrist pain with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, they believe that the Carpal Tunnel anatomy is in the wrist.  Actually, it is at the base of the hand between the two muscle pads on the palm side of the hand.  The narrow anatomy known as the Carpal Tunnel is not in the wrist.

Because the wrist is the first joint next to the Carpal Tunnel as the Median Nerve travels back to the sensory center in the cortex of the brain, this is where pain with Carpal Tunnel is often focused.

This is why Wrist Pain is one of the most common symptoms of CTS.

So, how can you know what is causing your wrist pain?

Well, it is always good to see a Doctor for a formal diagnosis. Your Doctor can do blood tests, grip strength test or order a nerve conductivity study by a Neurologists to determine the cause.

However, if you have any other symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, such as tingling in the hands or tingling fingers, hand numbness, itchy palms or pain in other joints such as the fingers, elbows, shoulder or neck – if you have lack of sensitivity in the finger tips, loss of fine motor skills, or waking up at night with numb hands, chances are very high that you have CTS.

There are 27 bones in the hand and wrist all nested together in a unique way to allow the remarkable dexterity we enjoy with our hands and wrists.  We take it for granted until something goes wrong.

“There are 27 bones in the hand and wrist all nested together in a unique way to allow the remarkable dexterity we enjoy with our hands and wrists. We take it for granted until something goes wrong.”

If you have one other symptom in addition to wrist pain it is about 85% sure you have CTS, if you have three or more symptoms it is over 95% probable that you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

There is no need to worry or wonder what to do about it if you do have wrist pain induced by CTS. Doctors have developed a Natural Treatment for Carpal Tunnel that works for over 97% of people and can be done in the comfort of home.

It is a home remedy developed by Doctors. That is the best kind of home remedy. It allows you to treat your wrist pain at night during sleep without any downtime, without any risks and at minimal expense. It is called the Carpal Solution Therapy and Neurologists, the nerve experts, call it the best first line treatment for wrist pain induced by CTS.

So, wrist pain can be caused by many different factors, but the most common cause of wrist pain is CTS. The good news is Carpal Tunnel is easily treated with this simple hand stretching therapy done passively at night.

If you have wrist pain and do not have any of the other symptoms listed on this website for CTS, then you can safely assume that it is probably from arthritis, gout, trauma or tendonitis.

Often the Carpal Solution Stretching therapy is reported by patients to help them with the symptoms of Tendonitis and DeQuervain’s Syndrome as well.

There is a money back guarantee and no downside to trying the natural Carpal Solution Treatment for your wrist pain if you think it might help. There is no reason to go on suffering, putting your life on hold and fearing what is next. We can help you!

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