The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief.

Index to Clinical Study Carpal Solution Therapy


  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment - Introduction
  Carpal Tunnel Study Participants and Objective
  Carpal Tunnel Testing Equipment
  Carpal Tunnel Test Procedure
  Carpal Solution Clinical Results
            o Sleep Improvement Results
            o Hand Grip Strength Results
  Additional Observations - Carpal Tunnel Treatment
  Carpal Solution Mechanism of Action
  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms Who is at Risk
  Conventional Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options
  Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Conclusions
  Carpal Tunnel Treatment Clinical Trial Notes
  Exhibit I Jamar Pinch Test Carpal Tunnel Treatment Test Data
  Exhibit II Jamar Dynamometer Position #1 Carpal Tunnell Syndrome Test Data
  Exhibit III Jamar Dynamometer Position #3 Carpal Tunnel Sydrome Test Data
  Exhibit IV Jamar Dynamometer Position #5 Carpal Tunnel Syndrone Test Data
  Exhibit V Jamar Carpal Tunnel Treatment Summary and Test Data

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