Carpal Tunnel Tests

If you have been experiencing numbness, tingling in the fingers, pain at night, and loss of grip strength due to repetitive work activity, playing a musical instrument, or a hobby like woodworking or knitting, chances are that you may be suffering from some variation of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Physicians and neurologists often subject potential CTS patients to a test known as a nerve conduction test. Basically, a small, non-damaging voltage is applied through the nerves of the hand and wrist to test for inhibition of the nerve response. Some people find the nerve conductivity testing painful, others do not, while some say it makes their skin crawl.

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In serious cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, the nerve conduction studies will confirm nerve inhibition, which is most likely caused by impingement of the nerve in the carpal tunnel when accompanied by the other common symptoms. However, not everyone who passes carpal tunnel nerve conduction tests with flying colors is in the clear. Indeed, oftentimes, these tests don’t pick up on the early-to-mild symptoms. Because repetitive stress-type injuries can be difficult to control when they persist, it’s important to be proactive about any early signs of potential CTS to avoid progression of the symptoms and further injury.

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