Carpal Solution – Carpal Tunnel Treatment Reviewed by Doctors

the carpal solution right hand therapy pacThe Carpal Solution comes in a Six Week Therapy package.   Some people (about 20%) see relief of their worst symptoms within a few days of starting the Carpal Solution Therapy.   Most individuals see relief from their worst symptoms within the first three weeks, but some can take as long as 5 weeks to see any relief. So, it is important to be patient and follow the doctors’ protocol. Most individuals get complete remission within the Six Week Protocol. Some with persistent symptoms can require up to ten weeks of treatment for complete remission of their hand condition.

It cost less than $100 with shipping per hand.   It requires no additional time commitment because the patient wears it at night while asleep.   There are no visits to a therapist’s office, nor any visits to a doctor’s office. There are no copays costs associated with Doctor’s visits. Patients report that it is reimbursed by health insurance, but you have to pay for it upfront. Most people use a credit card for same day shipment.

the carpal solution reviewed by doctorsBecause the Carpal Solution is a natural stretching therapy there are no risks of complications that patients often experience with oral pain medication, steroid injections, rigid splints or surgical procedures.

The Carpal Solution works by restoring the flexibility to damaged soft tissue at the base of the hand and restoring normal blood circulation to the injured area, which disperses lymphatic fluids and relieves the pressure on the Median Nerve.   Once the pressure is gone Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is over. It can come back and usually does for most individuals within 2 to 7 years of completing the Carpal Solution Six Week Passive Stretching Protocol.

The Carpal Solution is at the top of the list because it is non-invasive and it works at minimal expense of both time and money.   It can be used as much as might be needed for people that are very active with their hands or who might have a physiological condition which can often cause the condition to return more quickly than normal.

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