Prevent Post-Thanksgiving Carpal Tunnel Holiday Blues

The Thanksgiving Holiday is a time when families and friends gather in the United States and Canada to enjoy delicious food and give thanks for the bounties of life.

It is the only Holiday where the main event is the food. That is also why it is a time that chefs and those who enjoy cooking and crafts work the hardest to put on the feast. We all love it.

There are few rituals as satisfying as eating a tasty feast with those you love and then collapsing into a big sofa or recliner to watch football together, talk and eventually fall into a deep post-thanksgiving dinner nap.

Woman with wrist pain and hand pain wrapping presents during the holidays exhausted with hand numbness needs a natural carpal tunnel treatment to keep going without Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

However, for those doing the work, the days following the Thanksgiving Holiday can be challenging with sore hands, hand numbness and wrist pain. Also, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday immediately following Thanksgiving – the busiest shopping days of the year, the work continues. Finally, the Christmas holiday baking, crafting and decorating begins.

For many, this holiday period becomes a “Perfect Storm” for Carpal Tunnel Pain and Flare-ups.

Woman prevents hand pain and wrist pain during holidays with carpal tunnel treatment decorates cookies with style and joy and no hand numbness.

So, what can be done to stay active and avoid the sore wrists, painful hands and the annoying numbness in the fingers and the Post-Thanksgiving Blues?

There are a number of things people can do proactively to avoid the suffering and the downtime at this busy time. You can enjoy the holiday season to the fullest without the pain, without dropping things and without the sleep loss commonly associated with CTS.

Here are some tips to avoid the Post-Thanksgiving Blues:

1- Take breaks to stretch your hands and fingers and rest during the day. You will get more done with less pain if you take breaks to recover. You should rest and stretch at least every two hours.

2- There are 20-30 different types of hand stretches and exercises that are good for your hands. One to stay away from is the so called “stress ball” squeeze. Ironically this is probably the worst thing you can do for your hands for Carpal Tunnel relief and one that is pushed the hardest as a good hand exercise.

3- A reverse flex with a wide elastic band around your finger tips and thumb nail “opposite of a squeeze” is one of the best gentle stretching exercises for Carpal Tunnel prevention.

4- There are a lot of good stretching exercises on YouTube. Stick to those recommended by Medical Professionals or Yoga Experts. One caution, stay away from Yoga Poses that put a lot of weight on your hands and wrists. These are another watch out for those trying to minimize Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.

5- The best way to do it for any stretch, is to stretch gently and then hold the gentle stretch for only about 5 – 10 seconds. Then release and rest for 5 seconds and repeat the stretch for 10 – 15 repetitions. Long intense stretching can do more damage than good for injured soft tissue.

6- Have someone come with you to do the heavy lifting and save your hands and wrist for the intelligent and artistic work that you are so good at doing.

7- Order The Carpal Solution Night Time Stretching regimen that was developed by Doctors and have it on hand. Start using it a few nights before all the work begins as a preventative before the symptoms kick in. There is no other way to achieve 8 hours of gentle targeted palm stretching per day. You simply put on the Carpal Solution Stretching Device before bed and settle in for a long comfortable rest without interruption due to numb painful hands. Take it off in the morning and get about your busy day without worry. With a sound night of sleep you body’s natural healing works more efficiently to minimize all aches and pains.

8- If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, then follow the Six Week Protocol developed by the Doctors and put the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel in complete remission before the holidays get into full swing.

Busy people like you are too important to the holiday festivities to allow your hands to slow you down.

Everyone has more enjoyment when the chefs, cooks, bakers and decorators are healthy, sleeping well and working at their best during the holidays.

Thanksgiving meal with family prevent carpal tunnel symptoms with hand pain, wrist pain, numb hands, carpal tunnel treatment of carpal tunnel symptoms make a better holiday spirit. Everyone is happy when you have a full night sleep and no pain and no worry about carpal tunnel surgery.

“When My Carpal Tunnel flares up, I get cranky. I don’t sleep well. I get irritable and short of patience and it kills the Spirit of the Holidays for me. I always get the Carpal Solution Stretchers before the Holidays so I can be at my best and make the holidays great for everyone in my family. The Carpal Solution makes holidays complete for me. “

Mary Jane
Tysons, Virginia

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