Natural Treatment of Carpal Tunnel – 80% Better After just 3 Weeks for Tattoo Artist

Five years ago I was tested by a neurologist who found that I had a carpal tunnel condition in my right hand. At that time he did not recommend physiotherapy treatment nor did he recommend surgery. I am not sure why, I am a Tattoo Artist and use my hands intensely most days. He just gave me those uncomfortable wrist splints that helped a little in the beginning.

Overtime, however, my hand condition has worsened. I started losing muscle and grip strength. I was frequently awakened at night with numbness in the right forearm and often in both arms and hands. My wrist joints ached. The middle fingers of my right hand were numb constantly.

tattoo career leads to carpal tunnel symptoms

I commenced my own search for carpal tunnel remedies when my symptoms became acute and started to affect my work. After all, I have a reputation to maintain as one of the best at my trade.

I set up an appointment with my clinic to seek help. But, Access to my primary care physician was deferred by the cancellation of my appointment by the clinic. I felt desperate. I needed help now.

I did not want to pay the extra expense and huge copays of an emergency hospital visit. It seems my health insurance cost more and covers less every year. Besides, I have heard they usually just do corticosteroid injections and refer you to an orthopedic surgeon in emergency rooms. I did not want that. I know that surgery means a lot of downtime for a person like me and it comes back. Not to mention the risks – Way too many issues for a person who depends on their hands for their livelihood like I do.

In my search, I found a natural treatment developed by Doctors of all things. Imagine that.

I started using The Carpal Solution treatment on the right hand only. In the first ten days there was a noticeable improvement at night and the condition has improved during the day too. Each day I see more improvement in my Carpal Tunnel Condition. It does not slow me down at work anymore. I am now about 80% better after just three weeks and I am confident I will get complete relief as I finish the Six Week treatment regimen. I feel so much better and don’t worry any more.

Thank you for your help.

Master Tattoo Artist
San Francisco, California

If you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, like Joseph; with hand pain, wrist pain, finger numbness, or a dull achiness in the muscles of your hands and forearms. There is no need to go on suffering and worrying about what to do. There is a simple natural treatment that you can do at home during sleep without downtime and without the risks of Carpal Tunnel Surgery. It is called the Carpal Solution Treatment and was developed by Doctors working with patients and is based on firsthand experience in the trenches.

The Carpal Solution works for 97% of people and has a money back guarantee. It is also reimbursed by health insurance once you reach your deductible. Neurologists, the nerve experts in medicine, suggest that: “The Carpal Solution Treatment is the best first line treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.” Most patients just say: “The Carpal Solution is my Carpal Tunnel Cure!”

gentle consistent stretching action transferred to three trigger points in the palm each night relieves carpal tunnel pain

The Carpal Solution provides over 224 hours of targeted gentle stretching developed by Doctors. There is no other way to duplicate this type of consistent gentle stretching therapy in such a short period of time.

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