Skier Ends The Carpal Tunnel Winter Blues With Night Time Stretching Treatment

“I live in Calgary, Canada where the weather is always cold in Winter.   I am active with my hands working on a computer in a finance job at a bank and I love to skis and do outdoor winter sports.   Every winter my hands get sore and they start waking me up at night with numbness.   This starts in October and gets worse as the winter progresses.   At first I thought I was lying on my arms during sleep and that was causing my hands to go numb, but then it was happening so frequently I knew it had to be something else going on.

skier cures carpal tunnelAlso, my hands were achy when I skied – buckling up boots was especially painful and hard to get them tight. It is embarrassing as a guy who is an advanced skier to ask for help buckling up my boots. Also, using ski poles to do the pole plant is basic to advance skiing. My wrist hurt on a regular basis to pole plant at speed. There is nothing quite like consistent pain that can take the fun out of what you love to do.

It was also slowing me down in my computer work at the bank. I would routinely have to stay later than normal to get my work done.

Then in talking with a friend, he said it sounds like Carpal Tunnel.   I looked into it and it totally made sense. My symptoms were dead on Carpal Tunnel.   So, I started talking to people about how you treat Carpal Tunnel and what I heard about surgery I did not like. People said they lost their grip strength after surgery and some said it did not help much.

skier cures carpal tunnel and you can too.So, I was glad to know what was disrupting my life so much, but surgery was not something I wanted to do given the bad reviews.

I searched online and found a lot of different treatments options, but the one that made the most sense to me was the Carpal Solution Treatment.   So, I ordered and within two weeks I was sleeping through the night. Within three weeks, I was working at normal speed at work.

Then acid test: a weekend ski trip with friends to Fernie Ski Resort in Western Canada. The trip was at week 4 of my treatment. I was able to buckle my ski boots up tight with no pain.   Pole planting was no problem.   This was great!   I got my life back in the winter using this simple stretching treatment at night.   Who would have though it could be so easy? Here are some pics of me doing my thing on skis.

The Fernie Ski Trip was a memorable one thanks to the Carpal Tunnel Solution. No more pain and no more sleepless nights. I felt the joy and exhilaration of skiing again!

I ordered the carpal solution and within two weeks I was sleeping through the night

I have told friends about this treatment and some laugh at me and tell me “no way will that tape work!, I think you are imaging your improvement.”

If you feel skeptical, it is normal, but I can tell you for sure, the Carpal Tunnel Solution worked for me. Besides it has a money back guarantee, so there is no harm in trying it.

If you are suffering like I did. There is no need to put your life on hold and worry.

Just order the Carpal Tunnel Solution and get better without surgery.

It is so simple treating yourself at night.

I have my answer to the Winter Carpal Tunnel Blues. I bet it will work for you too!”


Banker and Avid Powder Skier

Calgary, Canada

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Dr. Moran is a Surgeon in San Clemente, CA who developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For years she tried different Carpal Tunnel Treatments. Twice she schedule surgery and then cancelled it fearing the potential complication and what surgery might do to her Career as a Surgeon. Then she found a Carpal Tunnel Cure.