Computer Worker – Stops Carpal Tunnel Hand Pain and Restores Strength to Hand and Wrist

purchasing-manager stop carpal tunnelI wanted to drop you a line because I truly believe the Carpal Solution is the only reason I am able to do my job. I am a Purchasing Manager for an electronic repair facility. I have two computers on my desk and I use both for 8 to 9 hours daily. At the time I was introduced to your product, I was looking at how I was going to tell my husband that the pain and lack of strength in my right hand, had progressed to the point that I felt I could no longer do my job. This would have created a serious financial problem for us. We would not have been able to stay in the home we are in today.

A new Sales Manager was hired in our company who is a natural health enthusiast. He spoke of many different supplements to help many of us with chronic health issues; as well as your product. He told me he had successfully used the Carpal Solution and suggested I give it a try. I have been using it on my right hand for nearly a year. I also have arthritis to complicate my carpal tunnel issue, so while I am not able to go without nightly use of it, I have pain free nights and days. My strength has returned and I feel confident that I will not need surgery to correct the problem. Without the Carpal Solution, surgery would be eminent, and job loss would come along with that.

Michelle, Computer Worker – Purchasing Agent–Michigan.

Many computer workers like Michelle are finding that the long hours on multiple computers – keyboarding, mousing, clicking and the subtle but almost continuous repetitive wrist movement are leading to repetitive stress injuries likeCarpal Tunnel Syndrome. The remarkable progress we have enjoyed with the information age has led many to depend on their computers, blackberry devices, iPhones, iPods, laptops, and hand held or computer gaming gadgets for more hours than we realize. Often repetitive strain disorders come on suddenly without warning. The subtle wrist, hand, finger and thumb movements that we have always taken for granted then become arduous tasks. All of those low impact motions seem to accumulated into some dreaded hand conditions and wrist syndromes like Carpal Tunnel, Trigger Finger and DeQuervain’s Syndrome.

There is hope however, for the avid computer user. The Carpal Solution has delivered proven clinical results for people suffering from CTS, without complications or risks associated with more invasive procedures like Transverse Carpal Ligament Release Surgery or steroid injections. The Carpal Solution is all Natural and offers people suffering from Carpal Tunnel condition a reliable, safe way to keep their syndrome under control without complications or risks or downtime. You simply wear this unique stretching hand brace at night while you sleep and it relieves your symptoms in a week or two. About 25% of people see relief in the first day or two. Since there are many contributing factors to CTS everyone responds somewhat differently to the therapeutic device, but over 97% of people report the positive results they were looking for using the Carpal Solution Therapy. Those are good odds for any medical treatment.

The fact that the Carpal Solution can be used whenever you have flare up makes it perfect for computer users and others suffering from repetitive stress issues. You do not want to resort to surgery for repetitive stress issues, because even if the surgery helps, the condition usually returns as your go back to the same kinds of activities.

An all natural treatment is a much better way to deal with repetitive stress induced conditions or those brought on by inflammation. The Carpal Solution even helps people like Michelle who have inflammation conditions like arthritis combined with Carpal Tunnel.

Most people find that after completing the 6 week protocol that they do not have to use the Carpal Solution for a couple of years. However, people suffering with metabolic conditions like a Thyroid condition or Arthritis often find that they have to use the Carpal Solution Preventative Pac ranging from every night to only once a week or even once a month. Since there are no complications with the all natural Carpal Solution Therapy, you can use it whenever you need to and keep the pain and numbness from interrupting your work, play or sleep. You stay active on the many devices you need to keep up in this exciting information age.

Michelle’s review of the Carpal Solution represents a class of computer users who use the computer intensely everyday and also have a contributing metabolic condition. This is an extreme case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Even after surgery, the symptoms will come back for computer keyboard users like Michelle due to both the arthritis and the repetitive use of her hands and wrists for long hours at the computer. It is good practice to utilize the best ergonomic keyboards and gel pads during the day along with using the Carpal Solution Therapy at night to keep hands and wrist at optimum health and ready to work.

Many people today are using smart phones texting and instant messaging through out the day and report that these repetitive stress actions with their fingers and thumbs also contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Carpal Solution is a great way to keep people active and involved in this fast past world, without the worry of resorting to the risks of steroid injections nor the downtime and potential complications of Carpal Tunnel Surgery. An all natural treatment, like the Carpal Solution is a great way to stay active when repetitive stress injuries are so common. Surgery is just not a good option when the symptoms come back so quickly, even after surgery.

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Watch this computer worker’s testimonial about finding relief with The Carpal Solution.

Anthony is a Network Engineer who spends 10 to 16 hours per day on the Computer.

Anthony had a moment of truth where his hands and wrist were so sore and aching that he nearly had a panic attack with the anxiety, depression, hand numbness, sleep loss, etc.

He had tried wrist splints, acupuncture for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, steroid injections, and even surgery. He watched his Sister lose her grip strength permanently from Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Her wrist pain still lingered. So, Anthony knew that Surgery was not the right option for him.

As an Engineer, Anthony provides a very logical analysis of how to deal with Carpal Tunnel and provides the best Carpal Tunnel Treatment based on years of experience, experimentation and suffering. You can benefit from Anthony’s experience and forego the hand pain, wrist pain, sleep loss and hand numbness.

Anthony tells how he lost productivity at work and in remodeling his home. His hands were always cold and he was losing feeling in his finger tips.