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Dan Siegel Guitarist Computer Worker Florida Carpal Solution is a Life Saver

Excellent Carpal Tunnel Therapy!

Without it I wouldn’t be able to use my hands for guitar, work on my computer, and just day to day activities.

Not having to have carpal tunnel surgery is what makes the Carpal Solution Treatment so valuable. It is so great to have a reliable natural carpal tunnel treatment with no side effects, no risks and no downtime.

And… if I have a flare up, I just use the product that night and the next day, I’m usually back to normal again. The Carpal Solution is a life saver!

Dan S. Guitarist and Computer Coder
Orlando, Florida

Like many of people who depend on their hands for work and for play, Dan found that Carpal Tunnel was limiting his ability to program on the computer and to play the guitar. Musicians think of their musical ability like an appendage of their body. Losing the ability to play due to hand pain and finger numbness, is like not being able to speak or losing the ability to hear. A musician feels like a part of them is missing when they can’t play the guitar or the piano due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain.

To a musician if feels like a handicap when they cannot perform their art and entertain. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most common work disability professional musicians experience.

Musicians depend on their hands to do intricate, dexterous movements at speed and with sufficient force to produce the ideal perfect sound from their instrument.

Musicians passionate about their art carpal tunnel is like a handicap treatment is like life saver reviews

It does not matter if it is a Guitar or a violin or a piano or a flute or trumpet or even a drummer. The finger movements are all different for the specific musical instrument but the intensity and rhythmic pace drive speed and forceful movements. It does not matter if the person is playing a string instrument or percussion or a keyboard synthesizer the potential injury for the hand is consistent for all of these types of musical instruments.

Also, being an accomplished musician requires so much practice to master the precise finger action that a repetitive stress injury like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Trigger Finger is common.

Musicians and Computer Workers love how the Carpal Solution Treatment jump-starts their body’s natural healing and drains lymphatic fluid. The Lymph system is like a sponge that draws out inflammation and toxins away from injured tissue and allows the body to heal itself. When the lymphatic drainage system is block due to pressure from trapped inflammation around the Carpal Tunnel the natural healing process is blocked.

Lymphatic fluid exchange is key to natural healing carpal tunnel syndrome transports toxins waste from injured tissue

Most people do not understand how the lymph system functions to clear toxins and dead cells debris away from injured tissue. The diagram to the left illustrates how the lymph system works.

The Carpal Solution unblocks the Lymph System and allows it to draw out the toxins from the soft tissue around the Carpal Tunnel. Once the toxins are removed the trapped inflammation is released and the natural healing pathways are unblocked.

Most people can avoid the risks and downtime of Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedures when they use the Carpal Solution Natural Nighttime Stretching Treatment.

They get rid of their worst Carpal Tunnel Symptoms within 3 weeks and then experience complete remission within 6 weeks. Then Carpal Tunnel can go away for as long as 12 years for some people. For most people it comes back within 2 – 7 years.

It is important to understand that Carpal Tunnel comes back even after a successfully carpal tunnel release surgery. Patients are often disappointed to attempt surgery as a permanent fix to Carpal Tunnel only to find out that despite the risks and downtime, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome still reoccurs even after surgery. In fact, over 90% of people find their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms return within 10 years of the first surgical procedure to release Carpal Tunnel Pressure.

Most patients think it does not make any sense to resort to surgery to deal with trapped inflammation and they are correct in their thinking. Resorting to surgery for Carpal Tunnel is like taking a sledge hammer to fix fine kitchen cabinetry. There is the potential for a lot of collateral damage.

pianist cures carpal tunnel pain

Musicians, like Dan in Orlando, Florida, in particular do not want to risk the collateral damage of carpal tunnel surgery on their hands. Without full function of their hands they would be unable to perform and that would feel like going through life handicapped.

You can learn more about the problems of Carpal Tunnel Surgery here:

Carpal Tunnel can be treated effectively without surgery using natural stretching treatment to move out trapped inflammation and trapped lymphatic fluid. Deep Tissue massage can help, but the most effective treatment is using passive stretching during sleep. Patients can treat themselves at home during sleep with a treatment protocol developed by Doctors that accomplishes over 220 hours of gentle consistent stretching over six weeks. A Kit to perform this hand stretching protocol around the carpal tunnel can be obtained from First Hand Medical. Passive Stretching as a treatment for Carpal Tunnel is clinically documented.

Dan saying that “Carpal Solution Treatment is a life saver” might seem extreme, but it makes sense when you understand the mentality of a musician. That is because The Carpal Solution preserves the life and activity he loves and finds great fulfillment doing.

We often get this same type of response from Musicians, Dentist, Hair Stylists, Computer Coders, etc. when they are able to cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without resorting to Carpal Tunnel Surgery or Steroid Injections. Anyone who has invested a lot of time and energy to be proficient at a profession does not want to be prevented from working and earning their livelihood in their area of expertise.

Most people know the potential risks and complications associated with surgery in general, but here you can learn about The Specific Complications and Risks of Carpal Tunnel Surgery. It is instinctive to musicians to avoid any risk to their hands. Though most of us take our hands for granted until we lose function, all of us could benefit from following musician’s instincts about guarding their hands from unnecessary surgical operations.

Doctor Jerome Grossman, MD Co-founder of First Hand Medical said:

“As the Director of Healthcare Delivery at Harvard’s Kennedy School and having run Tuffs Medical Center in Boston for over 15 years, I have seen a lot amazing benefits medicine can offer people.

I have also had to manage a lot of things that can go wrong with medical treatment.

I have learned over my career, that If surgery can be avoided by providing a viable less invasive treatment, developed by Doctors, that is clinically documented for a high percentage of people – the less invasive treatment should always be applied to the patient before proceeding with surgical procedures.

The Carpal Solution fits this “less invasive first model of treatment”. I recommend The Carpal Solution as the best first line of treatment for CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).”

Doctors say Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be reversed without resorting to Carpal Tunnel Surgery. So, take a breath and relax. It helps any nerve condition when you don’t have anxiety. There is a go to treatment for reversing Carpal Tunnel that Neurologists say: “Is the Best First Line of Treatment for CTS.” Here is what Doctors say about reversing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and curing it with a natural therapy – no surgery

dr grossman recommended the carpal solution

“The Carpal Solution Treatment is a Life Saver!”

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