Game Reserve Guide Cures Carpal Tunnel in South Africa

Professional drivers of all kinds have a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Game Reserve Guides in Africa spend a lot of time behind the wheel of open top Range Rovers going over rough terrain on photo safaris. Since they are always seek close-up encounters, they often they find themselves under stressful conditions where they have to maneuver the SUV and their clients quickly out of harm’s way.

Photo Safari Guides depend on their hands

“I have been leading photo safaris in private game reserves for over a decade. It is rewarding work. Every day is different. But each day is full of adventure and the wonders of animals interacting in the wild. I never get bored. We go out early in the morning before dawn and are out on evening tours until after dark.

We do get a daily siesta, since the animals are less active in the heat of the day. At dusk the action begins and the hunt is on. Most predators do their work under the cover of darkness. So, at dusk and at dawn is when we tend to see the most interesting situations.

As a guide, I am responsible for the safety of my clients. Being alert and having responsive hands is key to the job. So, when I experienced my hands waking me up several times each night, numb and aching, it gave me pause.

At first I could not figure out what was happening. I thought I was sleeping on my arms causing them to go to sleep on me. But it was so chronic, I had a suspicion that something else was up. One of my clients said that it was likely Carpal Tunnel.

As a guide being alert and having responsive hands is key to the job

I started investigating it online and found this great website, We do get internet access now, even in the South African Bush.

I liked what I read. It was written by Doctors. I knew it was Carpal Tunnel once I read about the symptoms. Now, I understand why I kept dropping my keys and coffee cup.

encountering elephants in south aftrica

It was a relief to understand what was causing my strange set of symptoms. The website also offered a great treatment regimen that a person can do at home or at a Safari Camp – wherever you sleep at night.

So, I ordered The Carpal Solution online. The Treatment arrived to our camp near Kruger National Park in under a week via DHL Courier Service for only $50. That was impressive. Normally it takes weeks to get stuff here from the USA.

I started using it the night after it arrive and was amazed to sleep through the night the first night of Carpal Tunnel Treatment. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but a good fluke at that.

I continued following the Doctors’ directions and my grip strength returned within a week. I wasn’t dropping things anymore. I was sleeping through the night and was alert during the day.

Griping the steering wheel did not cause any pain. Shifting gears was also pain free. I had just gotten used to the pain and suffered through it – thinking I was just getting older and that it was normal.

I wondered if the pain and sleep issues with CTS, were going to push me into a desk job before my time.

experience the miracle of nature on safari
elephants are wondrous creatures that should only be approached with a trained guide

Now, I feel like a new man with the Carpal Solution Treatment and am planning to be a field guide for another 15 – 20 years. I love what I do and can’t really imagine not leading photo safaris here in the land that I love.

It is so rewarding sharing this place with people from all over the world. Most people find it life changing.

The Carpal Solution gave me my life back. If you have these symptoms, you should check it out too. It comes with a money back guarantee. You can’t lose really.”

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