Computer Worker in Missouri Gets Carpal Tunnel Relief – Cancels Surgery

computer-worker“Yes, it is a dream come true! I was scheduled for Carpal Tunnel surgery on both wrists at KU Medical Center. I had pain in my right wrist, finger, elbow and shoulder, and was taking meds. Then a friend heard about The Carpal Solution and I ordered a six week supply. The first day within fifteen minutes the pain was dissipating.

I had no pain when I woke up in the morning. I have no pain in my right arm. Eight hours later, the pain was back and I am now using it every night and sometimes during the day.

As long as I wear the Carpal Solution I do not have any carpal tunnel pain at all. I can make a fist, with no pain in my wrist, elbow or shoulder. It is wonderful! I am so glad I was able to find this solution and avoid all the risks associated with surgery.”

Ken, Computer Worker Gets Relief From Carpal Tunnel – Kansas City, Missouri

Just like Ken many people are finding that their use of the mouse and computer keyboard at work has expanded dramatically with the advent of the information age and the proliferation of computers into every facet of our lives. It is amazing how much computers have simplified our lives and improved the flow of commerce and the availability of information on any subject. However, with the information age Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has expanded at epidemic proportions. All that mousing and computer keyboarding leads to repetitive stress conditions like Carpal Tunnel orTrigger Finger. People who depend on their hands to work on the computer just cannot stop working due to the hand pain, finger numbness or wrist discomfort. The loss of earnings and the day time grogginess from lack of sleep can be very frustrating. Most people ask or wonder, “How many jobs are there today that do not involve computer keyboarding, using a computer mouse and intense finger, hand and wrist work?” “I can’t just stop working!”

Fortunately, active people that depend on computers for work, like this carpal tunnel sufferer who find themselves regularly on computers for on-line banking, emailing and surfing the internet, playing games and entertainment at home do not have to give up their access to online technology. You can get relief from Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Naturally with the Carpal Solution Therapy without any downtime or complications.

Computer Analyst, Computer Programers, Data Entry Workers, Computer Keyboarders, Business Analysts, Customer Service Representatives etc. all find themselves mousing and keyboarding for eight to twelve hours every day. Surgery is not a good option for repetitive stress conditions like CTS, because the repetitive stress activities, like computer keyboarding will bring back the symptoms even after surgery. The All Natural Carpal Solution has no complications and since it is natural, you can rely on the Carpal Solution without fear of health impairment or side effects. This convenient night therapy used while you sleep is a much better way to manage your Carpal Tunnel hand disorders. It just works whenever you need it.

Historically, CTS was found to have a high incidence with musicians, dentist, dental hygienists, veterinarians, video game addicts, hairstylists, chefs, waiters, seamstresses, electricians, avid golfers and carpenters who used their hands intensively on a routine basis. Now, with almost everyone using computer keyboards, computer mouse, Blackberries, text messaging devices, mobile gaming devices, computer gaming or playing video games, MP3 music players, mobile phones, and mobile PDA’s through out the day – repetitive stress disorders like Carpal Tunnel have reached epidemic proportions in the information age.

When they first feel discomfort, many people head to the pharmacy and buy the only product seemly available for Wrist Pain and Hand Pain – an immobilizing wrist splint or rigid hand brace. These rigid uncomfortable devices are effective for wrist sprains or high impact accidents or hand injuries, where the hand or wrist needs to be immobilized. But, for repetitive stress injuries immobilizing the wrist with a rigid hand splint or wrist brace is the wrong type of approach. In fact, compressing the injured tissue against a rigid metal or fiberglass splint irritates and compacts the fascia tissue of the hand further and actually makes the discomfort of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome worse.

There is a much better way to treat repetitive stress disorders which result in hand joint pain and pain in the wrist. Medical professionals, certified hand therapists, and proactive carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers have been turning tothe Carpal Solution for fast, effective, and safe relief from wrist and hand joint discomfort. The Carpal Solution was developed by Dr. Clyde Morgan, an insightful inventor and practicing physician who originally engineered the device to facilitate the recovery of his wife from the incapacitating effects of CTS. Since that time over 50,000 people have receive relief using the Carpal Solution. It is the best way to treat repetitive stress injuries in the information age.

It is great to have a reliable home therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that works. Home remedies are often thrown out as “old wife’s tales”, but the Carpal Solution Therapy is a home remedy that is patented medical technology, developed by a doctor and registered with the FDA. It is clinically documented by doctors and patients. Most people are most interested in what patients have to say about using the Carpal Solution.

Watch this computer worker’s testimonial about finding relief with The Carpal Solution.

Anthony is a Network Engineer who spends 10 to 16 hours per day on the Computer.

Anthony had a moment of truth where his hands and wrist were so sore and aching that he nearly had a panic attack with the anxiety, depression, hand numbness, sleep loss, etc.

He had tried wrist splints, acupuncture for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, steroid injections, and even surgery. He watched his Sister lose her grip strength permanently from Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Her wrist pain still lingered. So, Anthony knew that Surgery was not the right option for him.

As an Engineer, Anthony provides a very logical analysis of how to deal with Carpal Tunnel and provides the best Carpal Tunnel Treatment based on years of experience, experimentation and suffering. You can benefit from Anthony’s experience and forego the hand pain, wrist pain, sleep loss and hand numbness.

Anthony tells how he lost productivity at work and in remodeling his home. His hands were always cold and he was losing feeling in his finger tips.