Guitarist Named Ben Finds Carpal Tunnel Cure

A classical guitar musician named Ben living in New York City, a leading classical player, was developing a bad case of repetitive stress induced CTS in both his hands. It was limiting his ability to practice and write new music. He expressed his concerns regarding conventional treatments such as rigid braces, steroid injections and high risk surgery to a friend, after meeting with his doctor and doing some research on the web about CTS treatment options.

“The musician’s friend said, I am a computer programer and have struggled with the same issues until I found this amazing new therapy. It is called the Carpal Solution and it worked in less than a few weeks to bring my worst symptoms under control,” he told his friend. “The thing I like most about this Carpal Solution Therapy is that there are no complications or side effects and it does not interrupt my life or cause me to wear some strange restrictive brace when I need to be busy, productive and use my full range of motion doing my craft,” he told his pal. “You wear this comfortable elastic type brace only at night while sleeping and in provides a gentle but consistent stretch to the soft tissue around the Carpal Tunnel.”

“I did not think it would work at first,” he said, “but it is remarkable how quickly it brought my symptoms under control.” “I bet it will work for you,” he concluded.

Ben took his buddy’s advice and ordered the Carpal Solution Six Week Therapy Pac on-line at the website and it was delivered in two days to his doorstep. Within a week of starting the therapy, his worst symptoms went away. The Guitar Player was encouraged and continued on with the therapy. He could not believe that The Carpal Solution was working so quickly. He had a big concert coming up in two weeks and needed to ready and started becoming confident that his hands were not going to hold him back this time.

He completed the Six Week Therapy Pac and found that his disorder went into complete remission for almost a year. Sometimes after a concert the symptoms return. So, now a few days before any gig, Ben will use the Carpal Solution proactively as a preventive and his CTS condition does not come back. Once in a while he will forget to start the therapy before a concert and the painful numbness returns after the concert with a vengeance. The guitarist said, I have such wonderful peace of mind now —knowing that I have this reliable Carpal Solution Therapy to control my symptoms without the threat of surgery, or the complications of oral pain meds.

“I can’t tell you how good my hands feel now, I actually take my hands for granted again once in awhile!” “This is what I have been praying for!” said Ben. It is so great to be able to control my RSI condition with a non-invasive therapy.” “At one point I thought I would have to give up my career.” “It seems too good to be true.” “I hope everyone will give the Carpal Solution a try —it just works every time!” “Truly Amazing!”

Ben – Classical Guitar Musician – Carpal Tunnel Under Control in New York City