Orchestra Controls Carpal Tunnel following lead of Cellist

cellist-girl-top-leftMusicians make a close knit network of friends who share music, techniques, discipleship and the love of their art form. Unfortunately, it turns out that musicians also share a common repetitive stress condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Fortunately, players also share medical breakthroughs within their fellowship as well.

A proficient Cellist in a community orchestra, named Sarah found after every concert her hands would ache and become numb during sleep. A classic symptom of the CTS disorder. After several months of repeated sleep interruption due to numb and aching hands, her condition became progressively worse.

She found she had to take a sabbatical from the symphony and rest her hands for several months. She contemplated quitting her profession that she loved so much. After reading about surgery, and its prognosis, this was not an option she would pursue.

orchestra-mid-pageOne day as her point of decision grew near, while searching on the web she found the Carpal Solution Therapy. She was intrigued with the claims that The Carpal Solution would relieve her worst symptoms in weeks and put the debilitating syndrome in remission over the course of a six week protocol.

It just seem to good to be true. Afterall there are so many shams on the internet, how does one know? The literature and documentation backing up the Carpal Solution Therapy appeared to be logical and well thought out. In desperation, Sarah decided to try the Carpal Solution.

After all it had a money back guarantee and a Better Business Bureau endorsement. She tried it and it relieved her worst symptoms in just a few days, allowing her to resume her playing. At first she was tentative, but then grew more confident and played for long periods without any symptoms. After a week it was time to go back to work full time. Sarah did so with confidence and her friends noticed the difference immediately.

Her colleagues asked about her CTS condition and she told them about her good fortune in finding a reliable therapy that works in the Carpal Solution. Soon others in the Orchestra with repetitive hand disorders started to come forward and tried the Carpal Solution too.

They found it helped them with remarkable speed.. Sarah became an expert of sorts on the condition and was amazed at how many other musicians were suffering in silence hoping that somehow Carpal Tunnel Syndrome would go away as mysteriously as it appeared. Sarah and her friends in the orchestra who now rely on the Carpal Solution include the 2nd chair violinist, the first chair clarinet player and another cellist. Sarah said, “It is so great to find relief for myself, but it is so much more rewarding to be able to share my good fortune with my friends and fellow musicians who play the violin, the cello and the clarinet.” “The Carpal Solution is the Musician’s Friend and is helping to make our orchestra better!”