bank-tellerI just talked to a bank teller, Teresa, who as suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for years.   She complained of tingling fingers during the day and numb hands at night and sore wrist after a day of work at the bank.   The wrist pain prevented her from preparing dinner after work with her family.   The numb hands woke her up several times each night.   Late in the day it was hard to perform her work counting money and entering data into the computer.


She knows several co-workers who suffered with CTS and had Carpal Tunnel Surgery with less than acceptable outcomes.   One found that her symptoms got worse after surgery. Another got better, had a long rehabilitation period where she was out of work until the disability insurance ran out and then had to come back before she felt ready.   Her Symptoms finally went away for about 18 months and then they came back. It was really scary to watch her struggle. A third person had surgery and got rid of most of his symptoms, but not all. The bank teller was dreading the thought of undergoing Carpal Tunnel Surgery, with all the risks, long rehabilitation period and the potential complications. She had been avoiding surgery as a result for several years.


Teresa had tried using pain meds until she got a stomach ache every time she used them and they did not help her Carpal Tunnel Symptoms much, just took the edge off the wrist pain.   She also used rigid wrist splints and was losing strength in her hands and her grip strength. The manager at work also provided an ergonomic keyboard to ease the repetitive stress on her hands and fingers.   All of these things helped a little, but none really were stopping the annoying carpal tunnel symptoms.


Finally she found the Carpal Solution Therapy on the internet last month and tried the six week protocol and could not believe how quickly she improved.   The wrist pain was gone in the first week. She started sleeping through the night within 10 days.   Then within three weeks the numbness disappeared.   There was no more tingling fingers at work after two weeks.   Her grip strength was returning. She could even open bottles which she could not do for the past two years.   She was so glad she had found the answer to avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery with all the risks and long rehabilitation period and the potential complications and the lost time at work. She could not afford to lose her earnings.


The Carpal Solution worked for Teresa and will likely work for you too.   You have nothing to lose by trying it with a money back guarantee. Get started today.   Call 1-800-798-5210.