Where Can I Get Doctors’ Answers to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Questions?

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Great question Shannon, it is sometimes difficult to know where to get reliable medical information from a trusted source. There is a lot of information everywhere claiming to be the right source for you. Often people want to go to their family Doctor or Primary Care Provider in their HMO. This sounds good on the surface, but the reality is Doctors are extremely busy with a waiting room full of needy people and usually you only get 5 to 15 minutes with your Doctor before he gives you his recommendations and rushes out of the examination room to see his next patient.

Unless you have done some research on your issues and have some basic understanding of the condition you are wrestling with and the treatment options, you are not able to grasp a full understanding of the options, the consequences, the risks, and potential downside of the various treatment options available.

Doctors rarely have time to answer all your questions about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

So, it is best to do your research ahead of time. The good news in the information age, there are lots of options to chose from to get medical information. However, you have to consider each source and their bias, before you trust the information you might be getting. All sources have biases.

A good thing to consider first, “Is what is my objective?” and then evaluate the different options to see what sources are credible and resonate with your thought process and are consistent with your objectives. Most people want to confirm a diagnosis with a medical professional and get their suggestions on how to proceed and grasps the risks and potential complications and downtime involved. Doctors don’t really have time to provide all this information in one short examination. At best, in the examination, you are going to get a confirmation of the diagnosis and a prescription for what medicine generally suggests is the best first line treatment.

how to get information about carpal tunnel online
Surgery for Carpal Tunnel has a low success rate and the symptoms come back within a few years even when successful

In the case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it is a complex condition with many different potential causes.   So, a Doctor is definitely not going to be able to bring you up to speed in a short exam visit. You are going to need to do your own research ahead of time.


Some areas of medicine are well thought out with clear treatment paths that make sense for the majority of people.   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, has not yet arrived at that point. If fact, many doctors are confused by the symptoms that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome presents and find it difficult to diagnosis.


With Carpal Tunnel it is important to do your research because the treatment path for this hand condition can be confusing with lots of pitfalls in a path that ends with a surgery the has a relatively low success rate and often has to be repeated when the symptoms return in a few years.   https://www.mycarpaltunnel.com/carpal-tunnel-treatment.shtml

Also, many medical articles online are written by Doctors to Doctors as the audience and are full of difficult to understand medical jargon with vague conclusions that are politically safe and are very careful not to vary from standard practices and what is generally accepted and taught in medical schools.

Most patients find the information in Scientific Medical Journal Articles difficult to follow, confusing and not very helpful for their specific situation.

medical journals on carpal tunnel can be hard to understand

Your source of expert medical information should be credible from experts, but written with a slant that is user friendly. The objective is a website that is written in a friendly Doctor to patient, questions and answer format, that is easy to follow and not overly complex, nor overly simplistic either. A good balance that fits your needs in a comfortable way.

It should also be easy to navigate the website with places to ask questions and a search mechanism where you can search the entire website for specific questions you might have.

You will be able to tell quickly if the information is targeted to you as a patient and if it seems credible, it probably is. However, there are many easy ways on the internet today to validate your instincts.

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For instance, you can look up the websites reviews on Facebook. On Facebook it is difficult of companies to fake or influence the persons reviews, because the person doing the review has an independent identity that you and Facebook can verify. It is a source you can trust. If a site has a Facebook review rating over 4.4 out of 5 that is a sign of excellence.

When you go to see you Doctor with some preparation from a reliable source of medical experts, you can have a meaningful exchange and fill in any further questions you might have while you confirm your diagnosis.

On this website you can search over 250 articles written by Carpal Tunnel Experts on almost any subject about Carpal Tunnel look for this image at the bottom of each web page.

Search Over 250 Articles Written By Doctors experts on Carpal Tunnel
When you are informed you have a much better exchange with your Doctor

Learn from other Patients’ Questions and Doctors’ Answers in the Carpal Tunnel Blog

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Or email our experts any question you might have.

We have worked with over 100,000 people suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We have seen it all at this point.

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We like others have a bias. We believe that Carpal Tunnel Surgery is right for some people. However, most people can avoid the risks, downtime and potential complications of a Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedure by trying the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment First.

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There is no reason for confusion on any subject to do with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

You can find the answers to any questions you might have here.

Then ask Your Doctor for Confirmation

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