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In the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China, Keri Walsh showed up to the Beach Volley Ball competition with her partner Misty May-Treanor, wearing a unique looking black tape design on her previously injured shoulder. Many people had never seen this before and mistook it for a Zen tattoo or the like for good karma during the Games. Some just thought she was trying to psysch-out her competition.keri-walsh-pic-kinesio-tape-carpal-tunnel-stretch-volley-ballThe real story is that the “Black Patch” is a proven medical technique and offers a reliable alternative to pain pills, anit-inflammatory medication and steroid injections and allows the person being treated to avoid the complications. It is known as Kinesio Stretch Tape and is applied by a Muscular Skeletal Specialist or Sports Medicine Trainer skilled in the art of Kinesiology Taping. This taping procedure has been documented to reduce swelling of injured inflamed tissue, enhance circulation and stretch out the injured soft tissue and keep it more flexible and less prone for re-injury. One commentator quoted Keri’s trainer saying “Simply put, the stretch tape was like taking an Advil without the side effects, impact on reflexes or gastrointestinal complications.”

This specialty stretch tapping technique or “black patch” allowed Keri to compete at the top of her sport in Beach Volleyball in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games without the complications of medication or the limits in mobility, discomfort and muscle atrophy common with rigid braces. She was able to consistently stretch the soft tissue in her shoulder, eliminate swelling and reduce pain in her shoulder while competing for Olympic Gold with this simple taping procedure.

Kerri-Walsh-shoulder-stretch-tape-much-like-carpal-tunnelThe key for Keri Walsh was finding a technique that works focusing on the area of the body where she needed help without having to take medication that would effect her whole body, dulling her reflexes and resulting in other complications that could inhibit her competitiveness. As one of the top athletes in the world, Keri Walsh’s choice was a reliable muscular skeletal taping procedure which she had tested in practice and chose to wear to one of the biggest competitions of her life. As her play demonstrated, with the tape in place, she was able to compete at the top of her field despite the injury.

In fact, recognizing Ms.Walsh’s new found competitive advantage, many of the other olympic volleyball teams began using the elastomeric stretch taping on their various injuries. In one semi-final match, all four players were wearing elastic muscular skeletal stretch tape to manage the soft tissue injuries which they were dealing with during the competition.

On August 21, 2008 Keri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor together won their second consecutive Olympic Gold Medal in Beach Volleyball. Keri had the familiar black patch skillfully taped in place on her injured shoulder all during a competitive and rainy finals match in the Chaoyang Park arena with over 12,000 dedicated fans huddling under their colorful umbrellas and ponchos and the rest of the world watching intently via television.

Keri-walsh-pic-with-kinesio-tape-stretch-therapy-carpal-tunnel-therapyThese cool wet conditions added additional strain to the flexibility of muscle, joints and ligaments for many of the olympians during these last days of the Beijing Games with devastating results for some in the track and field events, but not for Walsh and May-Treanor. This amazing athletic squad beat a strong Chinese team in the finals despite home court advantage, challenging weather and loud vocal support for their competition by a local patriotic fan base. Walsh and May did not lose a set in the Beijing venue or in the 2004 Games in Athens. Congratulations go to All the Olympic Champions in 2008, the Chinese for hosting the games and particularly to this remarkable team effort by Walsh and May. It was inspiring to watch!

Kinesiology utilizes the same medical principles as those employed with Carpal Solution Therapy. The difference is because of the unique design and specialized nature of the Carpal Solution you can self apply it in the convenience of your own home without the help of a specially trained Kinesiologist. You too can be at your best without high risk invasive procedures, extensive downtime, or the complications of pain medication or steroid therapy or the discomfort and immobility of rigid wrist splints. The Carpal Solution is a proven alternative treatment that works to eliminate your worst symptoms in weeks and put your Carpal Tunnel in compete remission over the Six Week Protocol.

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Muscular Skeletal Physiologists and Clinicians have been using massage therapy and specialty elastic tapping for decades to enhance the body’s natural healing process, relieve pain, swelling, inflammation and numbness caused by soft tissue injuries such as CTS to successfully avoid invasive surgical procedures.

People often ask, “Why should I have surgery to solve a problem with inflammation in my joint?” This is a good question. There are so many well developed and effective alternative therapies that can solve the problem of inflammation without resorting to, for instance, Carpal Tunnel Surgery. These techniques improve blood circulation and lymphatic fluid exchange which results in more rapid regeneration of damaged tissue at the cellular level and dispersion of fluids contributing to swollen fascia tissue. These Carpal Tunnel Treatments have been proven to relieve pressure on the Median Nerve and eliminate the pain and symptoms of CTS.

Most people cannot afford the time and money to consistently visit a Muscular Skeletal Specialist for a nightly massage or specialty tapping over a six week period needed to achieve the best results for chronic syndromes like CTS. Even though routine stretching exercises done consistently for fifteen minutes five or six times per day will also help to minimize the effects of inflammation, most people get busy and do not remember or cannot afford the downtime to do the stretching required to get relief.

The Carpal Solution was designed by a Muscular Skeletal Specialist to empower CTS sufferers to access the much needed nightly stretching therapy, cost effectively and on a consistent basis in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home. It would be difficult to duplicate the effect of gentle stretching for eight hours each night in any other way. As such, The Carpal Solution is a relatively simple, but remarkable, medical breakthrough.


Hairstlyist finds carpal tunnel relief

“When I met with a hand surgeon and told them my symptoms they scheduled me for nerve conductivity testing and told me that I would have to change my career and undergo surgery. That really upset me. I have trained for years and sacrificed a lot to build my own business around my hair styling skills. I love what I do —-the service I provide and the interaction with people. I could not face giving it all up. Then I read how surgery only works in about 50% of people and there are lots of complications. I mean, what is the point of surgery if you have to stop doing what you love?”

“I decided I was not going to give up my career that easily and started looking for alternatives. I tried the rigid day braces and those did not do much and they interfered with my work. I tried the night splints, and thought they sometimes helped me sleep better, but often I woke up in uncomfortable positions where the rigid splints would dig into my body or disturb my partner. My husband hated seeing me go to bed with the big rigid splints on my hand. He called them: ‘Mummy Hands’, as in Egyptian.”

Then a friend told me about the Carpal Solution and I found it on the internet. This product is amazing! It seems so simple, it looked like just another brace, but it is completely different in the way it works. It is comfortable to wear —not like the rigid splints. Even my husband doesn’t mind me going to bed with these on. I was most surprised at how quickly it eliminated my symptoms when everything else I tried was so lame. I got back to a full nights sleep within three days and the pain in my hand began to subside after the first night. Within a week I felt no pain or symptoms and made the mistake of stopping the treatment. The symptoms returned after a week without it. So, I went back to Dr. Morgan’s full six-week protocol. It completely relieved my symptoms for months.

“Sometimes after an intense day at work, my symptoms will start to come back and I put on the Carpal Solution for one or two nights and it keeps me going strong. I usually do the once a week protocol, but sometimes I forget until the symptoms begin to come back. It is so great to have a reliable way to keep my symptoms under control! Thank you Dr. Morgan. The Carpal Solution saved my job,
got me back to a good nights sleep and prevented risky
surgery! I could not be more satisfied!”

Marla, Hair Stylist, Florida.

Office Worker Gets Carpal Tunnel Relief

“I wanted to drop you a line because I truly believe the Carpal Solution is the only reason I am able to do my job. I am a Purchasing Manager for an electronic repair facility. I have two computers on my desk and I use both for 8 to 9 hours daily. At the time I was introduced to your product, I was looking at how I was going to tell my husband that the pain and lack of strength in my right hand, had progressed to the point that I felt I could no longer do my job. This would have created a serious financial problem for us. We would not have been able to stay in the home we are in today. A new Sales Manager was hired in our company who is a natural health enthusiast.He spoke of many different supplements to help many of us with chronic health issues; as well as your product. He told me he had successfully used the Carpal Solution and suggested I give it a try. I have been using it on my right hand for nearly a year. I also have arthritis to complicate my carpal tunnel issue, so while I am not able to go without nightly use of it, I have pain free nights and days. My strength has returned and I feel confident that I will not need surgery to correct the problem. Without the Carpal Solution, surgery would be eminent, and job loss would come along with that.”

Michelle, Purchasing Agent–Michigan.