Some participants reported that in the area where the wrist and hand join on the palm side, a slight increase in discomfort occurred after 2-5 nights, of wearing the Carpal Solution. It is thought that this discomfort is due to decompression of the soft tissue around the tendons, blood vessels and nerve passing through the Carpal Tunnel. The increase in discomfort lasted only for one or two nights before consistent CTS symptom relief was achieved from the Carpal Solution therapy.

Over several years of successfully treating patients with the Carpal Solution therapy, it has also been observed that patients continuing with their regular duties at work, which brought on the original symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will often find that over several months their symptoms may return, even after a successful treatment protocol with the Carpal Solution therapy. In those cases, the patients have been able to check the progression of their symptoms by applying the Carpal Solution for only two to three nights per month. This allows them to carry on with their regular routines without interruption of sleep or lost time at work. The Carpal Solution enables proactive control of the progression of the symptoms of CTS with a non-invasive therapy.