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Meet The Doctors Supporting a Better Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Below you will find the credentials of the team of Doctors and Medical Device Designer who came together as founders of First Hand Medical to help develop and commercialize the Carpal Solution Therapy. They have had long successful careers practicing as some of the leading Doctors, Surgeons, Teachers and Administrators at some of the preeminent institutions in Healthcare.

When practicing as Surgeons and Doctors, they help one patient at a time.   Their objective is to apply their vase knowledge of medical practices and experience at the end of their careers to streamline the successful treatment of difficult conditions, with traditional low treatment success rates that could benefit tens of thousands of patients.

These medical experts want to apply their expertise to help Patients avoid the risks, downtime and potential complications of repeated Surgical Procedures as is the case with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Carpal Solution Therapy represents a wonderful example of experienced Surgeons and Medical Leaders working with a fellow Doctor/Inventor to develop a better way to treat a chronic condition, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Meet the Doctors:

Jerome H. Grossman, MD

Jerome H. Grossman, MD
Co-founder and board member of First Hand Medical. Dr. Grossman was the Director, Harvard’s Kennedy School Health Care Delivery Policy Program.     He led the medical invention discovery process as Chairman of the Eureka Medical Advisory Board evaluating Doctor developed inventions. His vision has led to a dedicated effort for improving the delivery of healthcare through less invasive devices and procedures, like the Carpal Solution Therapy.

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Doctor Clyde E. Morgan, DC

Doctor Clyde E. Morgan, DC
Doctor Clyde E. Morgan, DC is the Inventor of the Carpal Solution Therapy.   He first worked with his wife who was suffering with Carpal Tunnel from her work on a computer as a Bank Manager.   Knowing the poor prognosis for Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Doctor Morgan was determined to help his wife avoid the long treacherous journey of repeated surgical procedures every few years.   He knew with all the potential risks of repeated Carpal Tunnel Surgeries, it was not a path he wanted to see his dear wife go down. Nightly he would massage …..

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Benjamin E. Bierbaum, M.D.

Benjamin E. Bierbaum, M.D.
Benjamin E. Bierbaum, M.D. is known as one of the nation’s leading orthopedic surgeons and an international expert in total joint replacement. Dr. Bierbaum was clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at Harvard Medical School for over 25 years. He served as a consulting physician to the U.S. Olympic Team and as surgeon for professional athletes such as Jack Nicklaus.   Orthotic devices that help patients avoid the risks and downtime of surgery, like the Carpal Solution Therapy offer significant benefits to all parties.

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William Shucart, M.D.

William Shucart, M.D.

Dr. William Shucart is a leading Neurosurgeon and Nerve Expert. He is enthusiastic about facilitating a non-surgical therapy for Carpal Tunnel because the success rate for Carpal Tunnel Surgery to relieve the pressure on the Median Nerve is not where we like to see it.   He was Professor and chair of the department of Neurosurgery at Tufts Medical School and the New England Medical Center for over a decade. Previously, Dr. Shucart was a Professor and chair of the department of neurosurgery at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center

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Joseph E. Scherger, M.D., M.P.H

Joseph E. Scherger, M.D., M.P.H

Joseph E. Scherger, M.D., M.P.H, Home Health Care Visionary, founding Dean of the University of Florida Medical School and Clinical Professor in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

Family Physicians are the first line of defense people look to for help in solving their health issues.   As such we are dedicated to helping patients find the least risky and most cost effective treatment regimens to quickly heal and get back to normal life. The Carpal Solution represents this type of patient friendly therapy that Family Physicians love to prescribe. It is simple easy and it works for a high percentage of people.   People can use it in the comfort of home, without having to make multiple trips to a therapist.   It also helps people avoid a risky surgical procedure, so it is a great preventative therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Michael E. Ruff, M.D.

Michael E. Ruff, M.D.
Michael E. Ruff, M.D. is a leading Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hospital Administrator, Medical Device Consultant and successful investor in new medical device technologies. Dr. Ruff specializes in hand and forearm surgery in Colombus, OH. Surgeons like Dr. Ruff are eager to help patients avoid the risks, downtime and extended rehabilitation periods associated with surgical procedures by offering non-invasive therapies for the hand, like the Carpal Solution Therapy.   The Carpal Solution represents the best first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   Hand Surgery is a good answer for those for whom the Carpal Solution does not work. As Surgeons we are always seeking the least invasive treatment for any ailment.

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Edward A. Palank, M.D. – FACC, FACPE, CPE

Edward A. Palank, M.D. – FACC, FACPE, CPE
Edward A. Palank, M.D. – FACC, FACPE, CPE is a leading cardiologist and author of The Golf Doc: Health, Humor and Insight to Improve Your Game. Dr. Palank has over thirty years experience as a leading cardiologist, founder and administrator of cardiology programs, and faculty instructor at the leading medical schools.    Golfers have a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to the gripping of the club firmly and then exerting immense force as they swing the club through and strike the ball for distance and accuracy.   Numb, tingling, arms, hands, and wrist and a weak grip associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can wreak havoc in a golf game. Because golf is a game that requires so much practice to perfect, The repetitive stress on the hands and wrists is constant.   Golfers can depend on the Carpal Solution Therapy to keep playing and perfecting the game they love without the downside of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Dr. Palank has served on the Board of Directors of American College of Physician Executives and the New England Heart Institute. He has also served as a regular medical advisor to leading medical device companies.

Mr. William A. Morton

Mr. William A. Morton
Mr. William A. Morton Has been a leader in providing regulatory affairs advice to medical suppliers. He Served as President MDCI – the leading FDA consulting firm to medical device companies globally for over a decade.   Mr. Morton has over twenty five years of experience in the field of medical device research, development, and regulatory compliance. Mr. Morton is a member of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS), where he served as Chairman of the Regulatory Affairs Certification Board.

Theodore R. Kucklick (Ted Kucklick)

Mr. Ted Kucklick

Theodore R. Kucklick (Ted Kucklick) – President and Chief Technology Officer at Cannuflow, Inc. and leading medical device designer brings 20 years experience in the hands-on design and commercial development of medical devices, including RF ablation devices, microwave catheters for minimally invasive therapy, in-home diagnostics devices, surgical closure devices, battery-powered devices, disposables, and general surgery tools. Ted has been involved in the early-stage and development and commercialization of devices for companies such as Vidamed, Oratec, Neomend, Somnus, Curon, Starion Instruments, Sleep Solutions, RITA Medical and Boston Scientific.

The Advisory Board of Eureka Medical is dedicated to finding medical innovations that help streamline healthcare delivery and eliminate cost form the healthcare system.   They have found that linking an independent expert panel together with a specialized medical practitioner / inventor in an objective setting creates synergy, unique insight and evaluation speed for medical devices that cannot be achieved in any other way. Eureka Medical has attracted a distinguished Advisory Board to evaluate medical inventions developed by Doctors and Nurses.   The Carpal Solution Therapy was awarded the top consumer health care award and represents one of the most promising medical inventions evaluated by the Advisory Board of Eureka Medical.   This is why it was chosen for commercialization through First Hand Medical by Eureka Medical.

  • Numb Hands
  • Loss of feeling in finger tips
  • Wrist Pain
  • Hand Pain
  • Thumb Pain
  • Dropping Things
  • Loss of Grip Strength
  • Chronic Sleep Loss
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Finger Pain
  • Forearm Pain
  • Clumsiness in Hand
  • Itching Palm
  • Burning Hand Pain
  • Chronic Cold Hands
  • Hands Feel Like Sandpaper
  • Irritability / Brain Fog
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Difficulty buttoning buttons
  • Groggy during the day
  • Elbow Pain

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