Natural Treatment of Carpal Tunnel – 80% Better After just 3 Weeks for Tattoo Artist

Read how Joseph, a tattoo artist from San Francisco, was able to overcome his carpal tunnel pain in just three weeks with The Carpal Solution.

Game Reserve Guide Cures Carpal Tunnel in South Africa

Professional drivers of all kinds have a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Game Reserve Guides in Africa are no different and suffer as well. Read one game reserve guide's story here.

Electrician Seeks Alternative To Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Few professions use their hands more intensely than electricians. Read how one electrician found an effective alternative to carpal tunnel surgery.

Web Developer in Auckland, New Zealand Cures Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during sleep

Developers and programmers depend on their hands to code and create ground breaking technology. Listen to one developers from New Zealand talk about how he overcame Carpal Tunnel.

Medical Transcriptionist Cures Carpal Tunnel

Medical Transcriptionists have a lot of stress because what they do must be accurate. The combination of stress and work load on the keyboard for long hours is a perfect storm for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with symptoms like hand pain, wrist pain and hand numbness. Find out how one Medical Transcriptionists overcame their Carpal Tunnel pain.

Webmaster in Mumbai India Saves Career

Read a compelling story on how one webmaster in Mumbai India, overcame his carpal tunnel pain and was able to save his career and keep on providing for his family.

Treating Carpal Tunnel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We love to here from our patients. Read how one Dental Hygienist in Kuala Lumpur cured her Carpal Tunnel at home without the risks and downtime associated with surgery using The Carpal Solution.

Hotel Manager in Singapore Cures Carpal Tunnel

Discover how one hotel manager in Singapore was able to take advantage of the world wide delivery service of The Carpal Solution to cure her carpal tunnel. No matter where you are in the world, we can help you!

Yoga Instructor Cures Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As a Yoga Instructor and Fitness Trainer I depend on my hands everyday. I love my work. About three months ago, I started getting wrist pain and hand numbness and shooting pain up my arms. Read my full story.

Gardener Tells Ordeal with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and How to Get Relief

Discover how after using The Carpal Solution, one gardener was able to get back into the garden and take control of her carpal tunnel pain and her weeds.

Golfer finds gentle stretching treatment during sleep is the best way to treat Carpal Tunnel.

"I am so much more invigorated now that I sleep through the night every night. I highly recommend anyone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome to give the Carpal Tunnel Solution a try!"

Dentists Treat Carpal Tunnel

“I worried that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome would end my dental career.” “Life would be very different for me and my family without my income.”

Carpal Tunnel Video Index

Here you will find a comprehensive listing of all the videos available on this website for your convenience. These are all real people telling their real experience with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Where

People suffer from carpal tunnel all over the world. But no matter where you are located, there is now a proven solution available without the need for surgery.

Musical instrument specialist

George is a music repair specialists and wood craftsman, who works with several metropolitan symphonies on the east coast. Read how he overcame his carpal tunnel pain.

mother of 2 finds answer to carpal tunnel syndrome pain

"I have been having problems off an on for years with numb hands and tingling fingers, but in the past year my carpal tunnel symptoms have become rather severe. "

Guitarist named ben finds carpal tunnel cure

A classical guitar musician named Ben living in New York City, a leading classical player, was developing a bad case of repetitive stress induced CTS in both his hands. Read his story here.

My experience with The Carpal Solution was thrilling

Read a collection of success stories from patients who have found relief with The Carpal Solution.

Airline Pilot Cures Carpal Tunnel Pain

An airline pilot tried everything to get rid of carpal tunnel pain. Finally he discovered The Carpal Solution and found relief from this problem.

Knitting hobbyist ends carpal tunnel syndrome pain

"“I ordered and received your Carpal Solution a week ago today. The very first night I used it, I noticed a difference. It just gets better every night and day."