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Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery is done under twilight anesthesia. The drugs cause temporary amnesia, so it feels like one has been completely knocked out. Even though general anesthesia is not administered, when the patient awakes they cannot remember any of the events that have taken place during the surgery. Through an incision on the wrist, the carpal ligament is severed to relieve the pressure on the median nerve - Hence, the phrase "Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery". The incision is sutured closed with the expectation that the ligament tissue will scar back together over several months leaving more space.
Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery Severs the Ligament

Cost of surgery and rehabilitation is in the range of $5,000 to $10,000 with some improvement achieved in over 70% of cases. Full restoration is achieved in less than 60% of surgeries. Downtime and rehabiliation generally range from six weeks to three months, but can take over a year, depending on how many lingering symptoms result and the degree of scar tissue formation as this primary ligament in the hand heals back together. Scar tissue formation during recovery from surgery is unpredictable and sometimes results in less space in this narrow anatomical passage of the wrist after the carpal tunnel surgical procedure, causing even more discomfort and numbness after surgery. This complication is only reported in less than 15% of surgical procedures.

It is common for people recovering from the carpal tunnel surgical procedure to experience some permanent loss of grip strength, a perduring loss of lifting strength in the wrist/forearm, a nagging loss of full range of motion of the hand and wrist after surgery and lingering tenderness at the incision. This is due to severing the Transverse Carpal Ligament and then relying on this important ligament at the base of the hand to scar or heal back together. The purpose of the Transverse Carpal Ligament is to wrap around the hand and wrist and helps hold the many small bones of the hand and wrist securely together (article is continued below).

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Kathy talks about symptoms and treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how she was able to avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery. This Surgical Nurse discusses the risks and common complications associated with this Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery.

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There are over 27 bones in the hand and wrist nested together in a careful combination to enable the miraculous dexterity, movement and strength of the hand, fingers and wrists. Since we are born with this remarkable ability, most of us take it for granted that these bones move and work together seamlessly in full range of motion and without complications. These bones are all held together by fascia tissue, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscle. The single largest and strongest ligament of the hand, the Transverse Carpal Ligament binds all of these components together. When one considers the number of bones and complicated tight arrangement of blood vessels, nerves, ligaments and soft tissue cushioning and controlling the dexterous movement of these multiple bones, it is no wonder that the act of trying to adjust this remarkable combination by mere mortals often goes awry. Interestingly, it is this important ligament, the Transverse Carpal Ligament, that is severed during the surgical procedure known as Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery.

It is not uncommon for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms to return within two years of surgery, even when surgery goes well, if repetitive stress activities continue through routine use of a person's hands at work or at home. When Symptoms return, hand surgeons will consider performing a second surgery, but will not perform a third surgery. Medical text books advise against more than two surgeries for CTS.

This is why most medical professionals and insurance companies insist that credible non-invasive therapies are tried before resorting to surgery. Surgery for Carpal Tunnel is considered as a last resort. Contrary to what many people are led to believe, Carpal Tunnel Surgery is not a permanent fix.

For this reason, most surgeons require that the patient changes their hand use pattern or addresses the work station ergonomics that may be contributing to repetitive stress at work or at home or insist on a career change, before they will perform a second surgery. Due to the scaring of the carpal ligament, it is not considered good practice to perform carpal tunnel surgery more than twice on the same hand.

Most patients do not have the stamina, time, money, resilience or patience to endure multiple surgeries on the same hand. Also, build-up of scar tissue from repeated cutting of this ligament often risk constricting the tight space in this narrow passage further, contributing to worse CTS symptoms, limiting range of motion and further weakening the grip of the hand and the lifting power of the wrist. You can learn more about natural Carpal Tunnel Relief Video options and watch an interview with Dr. Robbin discussing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in a compelling video program hosted on YouTube and viewed on the link, Carpal Tunnel Treatment .

Because of the risks associated with the invasive nature of surgery, most surgeons, neurologists, family physicians, hand therapists, medical insurance companies and healthcare professionals generally advise patients to exhaust clinically documented conservative treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before considering surgery. The Carpal Solution is one of the best conservative therapies, because it is all natural, bears no risks and can be done in the convenience of home during sleep.

People considering surgery often worry about managing the downtime, the risks of potential complications, lingering symptoms during the recovery from surgery, the likelihood of permanent loss of grip strength in their hand and the loss of range of motion in the hand and wrist after surgery. Rehabilitations can be long, time consuming and painful.

Recovery from Carpal Tunnel Surgery is not as simple as it is sometimes represented. Many people elect not to undergo surgery on their other hand after having it on one hand. With a 60% patient satisfaction rate - it is one of the lowest in healthcare for surgical procedures. Most people want to have at least a 90% plus success rate before taking on the risks, downtime and long rehabilitation associated with almost any surgery.

For a chronic condition brought on by repetitive stress activities and often by metabolic swelling like CTS, it has a high probability of reoccurring. Most people prefer to find a reliable, convenient, safe and natural therapy that does not involve the risks, downtime, expense and the potential for complications of a surgical procedure. Repeating the drama of surgery is just not a pleasant experience for a patient with any condition, especially after one has endured the ramifications of Carpal Tunnel. There is no permanent cure for CTS, even after a successful surgical procedure, the symptoms will likely flare up again in time, if you keep doing the same activities. That is why you need to seek an all natural carpal tunnel treatment that is convenient, safe and has no downtime nor risks associated with it.

"Surgery for a repetitive stress injury, like CTS, makes no sense - because the symptoms come back when you return to the activity that caused your syndrome in the first place.
What is needed for repetitive strain injuries is an all natural therapy, like the Carpal Solution, that you can return to use conveniently and cost effectively whenever you have CTS flare-ups - without worries about complications and without downtime."

Dr. Michelle Robin - Founder Your Wellness Connection Kansas & Wellness Expert

The Carpal Solution is listed as an important resource for Carpal Tunnel Patients, Hand Therapist and Surgeons in the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) website.


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In many government sponsored healthcare systems around the world including, Medicare, Medicaid, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India and others, the surgery is classified as "Elective Carpal Tunnel Surgery". As an elective surgical procedure, it takes a second seat to procedures considered "Non-elective" or life threatening. This means people suffering with the Carpal Tunnel Condition need to suffer and wait for periods that sometimes amount to nine months and even a year before they can be fit into the operating room schedule for elective hand surgery.

Putting one's life on hold while being wait listed for an elective surgery can be very frustrating and disruptive to a busy person's work, social networks and career and sleep pattern. The Carpal Solution offers a much better option than suffering and waiting, when the whole process will likely have to be repeated a few years down the line. Remember, even when surgical procedures for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are successful the symptoms often return within a couple of years or sooner when a person uses their hands intensely.

Also, most insurance companies and surgeons insist on a nerve conductivity study to document inhibition in the response and performance of the Median Nerve, which passes through the Carpal Tunnel before they allow the reimbursement or approve the expensive, invasive severing procedure. Some people report the nerve conductivity study to be painful others do not find it painful. It is a relatively costly procedure that ranges between $800 and $1200 to confirm scientifically that you do have median nerve inhibition, which is the essence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Some people come away with the impression that they have permanent nerve damage after the nerve conductivity test. It is possible to have permanent irreversible nerve damage from CTS, but reported cases of irreversible nerve damage as a result of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are rare and it is generally thought that unless a person has been exposed to severe CTS symptoms for many years, it would be unlikely to have irreversible nerve damage.

The fact is you do not necessarily need a nerve conductivity test if you know you have the classic symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, unless you are planning on enduring the risks and potential complications of the surgical procedure. Your family physician, neurologist, or hand therapist should be able to help confirm the diagnosis for you and aid you in identifying any other possible contributing factors while you employ proven therapy to gain control of your condition today. In the long-run is important to identify any other potential contributing factors or causes to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome besides repetitive strain injury, which is usually a contributing factor in all cases of CTS. There can be a number of metabolic conditions that contribute or cause this annoying and frustrating disorder.

You can check out a comprehensive list of the possible contributing factors to CTS on this website at the above link and be prepared to discuss and identify possible metabolic factors with your doctor. You will also find a list of commonly asked questions about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and get the facts about treating this frustrating condition with natural non-invasive methodologies in the Carpal Tunnel FAQ section. The good news is you do not have to wait to start getting control of your symptoms naturally while you set up an appointment to meet with your doctor. Carpal Solution Therapy allows you to start controlling your symptoms today without fear of complications and get back to your active life, while you wait for professional medical input on other potential contributing metabolic factors.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Patient Experiences
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“When I met with a hand surgeon and told them my symptoms they scheduled me for nerve conductivity testing and told me that I would have to change my career and undergo carpal tunnel surgery. That really upset me. I have trained for years and sacrificed a lot to build my own business around my hair styling skills. I love what I do ----the service I provide and the interaction with people. I could not face giving it all up. Then I read how surgery only works in about 50% of people and there are lots of complications. I mean, what is the point of surgery if you have to stop doing what you love?”

“I decided I was not going to give up my career that easily and started looking for alternatives. I tried the rigid day braces and those did not do much and they interfered with my work. I tried the night splints, and thought they sometimes helped me sleep better, but often I woke up in uncomfortable positions where the rigid splints would dig into my body or disturb my partner. My husband hated seeing me go to bed with the big rigid splints on my hand. He called them: ‘Mummy Hands’, as in Egyptian.”

Then a friend told me about the Carpal Solution and I found it on the internet. This product is amazing! It seems so simple, it looked like just another brace, but it is completely different in the way it works. It is comfortable to wear ---not like the rigid splints. Even my husband doesn’t mind me going to bed with these on. I was most surprised at how quickly it eliminated my symptoms when everything else I tried was so lame. I got back to a full night's sleep within three days and the pain in my hand began to subside after the first night. Within a week I felt no pain or symptoms and made the mistake of stopping the treatment. The symptoms returned after a week without it. So, I went back to Dr. Morgan’s full six-week protocol. It completely relieved my symptoms for months.

“Sometimes after an intense day at work, my symptoms will start to come back and I put on the Carpal Solution for one or two nights and it keeps me going strong. I usually do the once a week protocol, but sometimes I forget until the symptoms begin to come back. It is so great to have a reliable way to keep my symptoms under control! Thank you Dr. Morgan. The Carpal Solution saved my job, got me back to a good nights sleep and prevented risky surgery! I could not be more satisfied!”

Marla, Hair Stylist, Florida.

  What is the Black Patch on Keri Walsh's Shoulder during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games Beach Volleyball Competition in Beijing, China? And what does it have to do with treating Carpal Tunnel. Learn more about how Keri Walsh used the same medical technique employed by the Carpal Solution by clicking on the highlighted "Black Patch" wording above.

It is the impingement of the Median Nerve in the carpal tunnel that causes the intense pain and numbness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive stress induced carpal tunnel strain results in injury to the soft tissue and tendons at the base of the hand. The injured tissue and tendons swell and crowd the narrow passage known as the carpal tunnel causing tendons to rub against the impinged nerve as the hand and wrist are used. Nerves are extremely sensitive and are directly wired to the pain center in the brain. It is clear why the pain can be so intense. Long-term nerve damage can result when constricted in under these conditions for an extended period of time.

After surgery, some relief from pain is likely, but full recovery is uncertain:

Patients usually have stiffness or pain at the scar and may have complications with infection or nerve damage.

The wrist will often lose strength because the carpal ligament has been severed and scars back together.

Months of physical therapy are required after surgery to restore some hand / wrist strength.

Often patients with work related CTS still need to adjust job duties or change jobs after recovery from surgery to avoid repeated symptoms. For these reasons surgery is generally considered a last resort after all clinically documented options have been tried by the patient.

Until the development of the Carpal Solution, conservative treatments were considered to offer only short term relief from the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, with complicated side effects. These include immobilizing hand braces and wrist splints, like the cock-up splint and corticosteroid therapy. The immobilizing splints are constraining, uncomfortable and often lead to muscle atrophy.

By design, splints and braces limit the use and movement of the hand. Both oral prednisone pills and local corticosteroid injections sometimes offer short-term relief from the pain that might be due to inflammation, but have long-term side effects associated with steroid use and are not a viable long-term option for a chronic syndrome like CTS.

With the introduction of the Carpal Solution, sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms now have a viable alternative medical option that quickly offers relief from CTS symptoms and can be used for a life time to allow full use and enjoyment of a person's hands. After the initial six week Carpal Solution soft tissue therapy protocol, symptoms will be relieved in most patients for a year or two. If repetitive stress activities continue, the CTS symptoms are likely to return over time even after surgery or steroid injections and the condition will like return too after successful treatment with the Carpal Solution. The difference being - there are no harmful side effects, no downtime and no risks or need for repeat corrective expensive surgery with the Carpal Solution nor are there long rehabs. The Carpal Solution is safe, natural, convenient, and effective and a CTS sufferer can return to use the Carpal Solution as many times as needed without fear of complications or side effects. Many professionals like doctors, dentists, etc. use the Carpal Solution as a preventative once they have followed the Six Week Protocol.

When symptoms do return Carpal Solution users have found that applying the Carpal Solution for two to three nights per month or even a once a week preventative wellness program will keep the symptoms from disrupting sleep or inhibiting use of their hands during the day. You can take control of the pain and symptoms of Repetitive Strain Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome while continuing full use of your hands normally by following the six week nightly protocol and then using the Carpal Solution two to three nights per month for life.

Imagine Active Hands for Life! It is a concept that many Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers had given up on. Now with the Carpal Solution, many people are finding that they can get their active life back with no worries and at minimal expense.

" Yes, it is a dream come true! I was scheduled for surgery on both wrists at KU Medical Center. I had pain in my right, wrist, finger, elbow and shoulder, and was taking meds. Then a friend heard about The Carpal Solution and I ordered a two week supply. The first day within fifteen minutes the pain was dissipating. I had no pain when I woke up in the morning. I had no pain in my right arm. Eight hours later the pain was back and I am now using it every night and sometimes during the day. As long as I wear the Carpal Solution I do not have any carpal tunnel pain at all. I can make a fist, with no pain in my wrist, elbow or shoulder. It is wonderful! I am so glad I was able to find this solution and avoid all the risk associated with surgery.

Ken, IRS Computer Worker.

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