Hand Pain, Hand Injuries & Swollen Hand Tissue – Early Symptoms of CTS

Often, hand injury and the resulting hand pain can be one of the first signals of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is due to the swelling of the injured and damaged soft tissue in and around the Carpal Tunnel of the Hand. Soft tissue is made up of cartilage, fascia tissue, ligaments, tendons, tendon sheaths in which the tendons slide to prevent damage to surrounding tissue and muscles.

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The swelling of the injured tissue puts external pressure on blood vessels and nerves in the relatively tight space in and around the Carpal Tunnel at the base of the hand. This external pressure on blood vessels reduces circulation of nutrient rich blood and slows the recovery process during sleep when the body naturally rests, regenerates and heals. Swollen injured tissue in the hand in can put pressure on the Median Nerve in the Carpal Tunnel cutting off the feeling sensation to the hand and resulting in pain and early symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Even seemingly mild repetitive hand activity can result in hand injury. Often, there is insufficient time to heal in between use, since most of us cannot afford the luxury of extended rest of our hands. We are just too active and involved with others depending on us, to rest our hands for extended periods. This continuous use results in routine swelling of the soft tissuewhich slows the healing process due to restricted blood flow and often results in increasingly chronic symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself when its natural processes are allowed to work unimpeded. Sleep is when the body is at rest and unleashes its peak recuperative power. The Carpal Solution helps to gently increase circulation to the hand which speeds natural healing to swollen and injured tissue. It restores flexibility to the soft tissue through stretching and relieves the pressure on the Median Nerve through dispersing lymphatic fluids that build up in injured tissue.

Even though I do not have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I work at a Wellness Center as a Palates Instructor and see The Carpal Solution routinely prescribed for patients with hand problems. Our patients have such good results, when I have hand injuries and hand pain, I started using the Carpal Solution. After putting on the Carpal Solution, I can feel the increased blood circulation to my hand immediately. My hand feels energized within 20 seconds. It always helps my hands to heal more quickly and prevents the repetitive stress from multiple daily sessions from developing into something more serious.Preventing Carpal Tunnel with the Carpal Solution is just common sense.
Tammie, Pilates Instructor

Worn for many hours during sleep, the Carpal Solution allows the hands full access to the natural healing nutrients of oxygen rich blood during sleep.


People with routine injuries to their hands and wrist, who have not yet developed full Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, find the Carpal Solution speeds the healing and recovery process and prevents the development of the chronic symptoms of the syndrome. Most physicians and hand therapists agree that early diagnosis and treatment of hand injuries from repetitive activity can help prevent the development of chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms. If the symptoms increase at night and result in tingling and numbness in the thumb, index and middle fingers then the symptoms of CTS are progressing. Often pain can start radiating up the forearm to the shoulder and neck following the nerve path back up to the pain center in the brain. Chronic CTS sufferers routinely drop objects and have frequent sleep interruption due to intense hand pain and hand numbness. Dr. Morgan recommends treating the early symptoms of CTS and hand injury due to repetitive stress with a Six Week Therapy Pac as one of the best ways to assure that the early symptoms of hand pain do not progress to a more chronic stage of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Dr. Morgan suggests to his patients that they use the Carpal Solution One Year Maintenance Pac one night per week as a Preventative Hand Health Maintenance Therapy Program to keep their hand injuries, hand pain, and hand swelling from progressing to chronic CTS. With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as with most medical conditions, the old adage applies, “An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”