Numbness And Tingling In Hands

Whether you are a devoted video game aficionado, a keyboard typist, a dedicated musician, a hairdresser, an avid rower, or an assembly-line worker, you have likely encountered sore hands, fingers, and wrists during the course of your activities. When numbness and tingling in the hands and wrists won’t go away, they may indicate inhibition of the median nerve in the narrow carpal tunnel at the base of the hand near the wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a profound and widespread affliction that costs employers in the United States alone billions of dollars per year, taxes the resources of the public health infrastructure, and leads to numerous ancillary physical ailments. If you are experiencing pain, soreness, numbness and tingling in your hands or wrists, it behooves you to discuss your situation with an appropriate musculoskeletal specialist, hand therapist or family physician and confirm your self-diagnosis. You will find a comprehensive list of Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Home to aid you. Often the hand numbness and tingling is worst at night during sleep resulting in frequent sleep interruption. Routine sleep interruption can lead to high blood pressure an other chronic overall health conditions. So, if numb hands are keeping you awake at night your should be proactive about getting the Carpal Solution to stop these symptoms urgently.

How does excessive, repetitive strain activity lead to numbness, tingling, nerve inhibition and sometimes, but rarely in permanent nerve damage?

In many cases, joints, tendons, and soft tissue in the extremities become inflamed and swollen thanks to months or even years of subtle repetitive stress, less-than-optimum ergonomic conditions, or consistent repetitive use of muscles and tendons for seemingly minor tasks.

The swelling tissue and sticky fascia can aggregate, creating pressure on the median nerve that travels through the carpal tunnel of the wrist. This can cause numbing sensations, loss of feeling and fine motor skills in the hand, soreness, and tingling pain that radiates up the arm to the shoulder and neck and out to the extremities of the digits. Often people report that their hands feel clumsy and they frequently are dropping objects.

There is hope for people with this condition. Dr. Clyde Morgan, a notable physician and innovator, has developed a device called the Carpal Solution that works in a quite remarkably simple way to relieve the symptoms of CTS.

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