Hand Pain

Have you been experiencing hand pain as the result of repetitive activities, like musical instrument practicing, hair styling, daily computer keyboarding, using the computer mouse, or assembly-line work? If so, chances are good that you may be suffering from some form of Repetitive Strain Injury, also known as RSI. Nearly 75 million people endure chronic hand pain, and hundreds of thousands of American workers miss days or weeks of employment every year due to this condition. The most common RSI condition is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Common CTS symptoms include radiating burning pain up the wrist and forearm, cold hands and fingers, swelling joints, numbness, a pins-and-needles feeling, and a decrease in fine motor coordination and lost sensitivity in the fingers and thumb. It can be very frightening.

What causes repetitive strain injury? There is no fundamental event that usually leads to RSI. Instead, the disorder is often the end result of months of subtle exertion mild impact repetitive task involving the hand, wrist, and finger muscles. Interestingly, Type-A personalities and individuals characterized as “perfectionists” tend to come down with repetitive strain injury with a higher incidence that the overall population. Since they are so driven to perform, their non-functioning hands tend to cause more psychological stress, which is itself, ironically, a serious contributor to carpal tunnel syndrome, a common form of RSI. Usually repetitive stress sufferers find themselves in a vicious cycle of one kind or another, which brings on the syndrome.
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One of the frustrating things about enduring chronic hand pain is that friends, co-workers, and family members may not recognize the extent to which a person has been injured. Until one has experienced a repetitive stress disorder, it is hard to imagine that such low impact tasks could result in such chronic dysfunction. This misunderstanding by bosses, friends and family also adds to the psychological stress and actually contributes to the cycle of pain.

Even doctors and hand therapists may not have the insight to identify the very subtle causes and ergonomic factors associate with RSI in some cases, but they can be very helpful in an accurate diagnosis and identifying complicating metabolic factors that might need to be addressed separately.
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