Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery

By the time a patient has elected to undergo carpal tunnel surgery, he or she has likely experienced a range of difficult emotions and pain sensations. Often people are desperate and confused and are rushed into a surgery decision on the threat of nerve damage before they have all the facts about the prognosis of post Transverse Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedures. The fact is, nerve damage is extremely rare with CTS. Nerve damage from a bad surgery is probably more common than nerve damage from the syndrome itself.

Carpal tunnel syndrome starts slyly and nefariously, usually as slight numbness and tingling in the wrists, forearms, and hands. Another pre-symptom is often soreness in the forearms. It progresses over time as inflamed and fatigued muscles are forced beyond their work capacities–and as sufferers put off treatment often due to frustration with the conventional treatment options or lack of reliable information.

Family physicians, health insurers and the medical community at large concur that carpal tunnel surgery should only be considered as a last resort. This agreement amongst professionals makes sense because the invasive surgical procedure can be uncomfortable to say the least and potentially debilitating with frequent complications, lingering symptoms, long rehabilitation programs that often take up to one year, with lots of downtime with frequent relapses. Yes, unfortunately, even surgery when it goes well is not a permanent fix for Carpal Tunnel.

Even after full recovery from Carpal Tunnel Surgery the symptoms will often come back due to the repetitive stress activities and / or metabolic conditions that combined to create the onset of the syndrome in the first place.

Naturally, with all the complications, patient satisfaction with such surgery is often very low–around 40 to 60 percent depending on the surgeon’s skill and the patients expectations going into surgery. Most patients expect complete recovery after a short trouble free rehab program if they are going to go through with the invasive procedure. The recovery period is often long with painful time consuming rehabilitation. It’s all too common for patients to relapse with reoccurring symptoms after surgery and for this reason it is routine to hear a surgeon say to a patient, “You need to schedule surgery and change your career.”

Recovery from Carpal Tunnel Surgery is not as simple as it is sometimes represented. Many people elect not to undergo surgery on their other hand after having it on one hand. With a 60% patient satisfaction rate – it is one of the lowest in healthcare for surgical procedures.

Well-informed carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers are seeking alternatives to surgery to relieve pressure on the median nerve through natural therapeutic tapping. Thanks to published reports on the dangers associated with CTS surgery from credible sources, people now know that they should only seek surgery as a last resort after all other clinically documented and natural therapies have been employed.

The good news is that these CTS patients can now benefit from Carpal Solution Therapy, a unique stretching wrist brace therapy that massages and reshapes fascia tissue relieving pressure on the Median Nerve. This resolves the worst hand pain and numbness within a few days up to a couple of weeks and provides complete remission after just Six Weeks of Therapy for most people suffering from CTS.

Here at, you can review a wealth of evidence, with compelling 9 minute video programs featuring interviews with leading physicians and specialists on preventative wellness and natural healing. You can watch video interviews from YouTube of real carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers telling their story gaining relief without the extended downtime and long recovery periods associated with surgery. There are also” How To” apply instruction with diagrams, and statistics about the Carpal Solution. We at First Hand Medical
encourage all potential carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers to seek a accurate diagnosis from your physician while you begin using the Carpal Solution to control your symptoms.

Unleash your body’s natural healing process today with Carpal Solution Therapy. No more worries about surgery, downtime and long recovery periods with painful rehabilitation.

There is a 50 to 60% patient satisfaction rate with Transverse Carpal Ligament Release Surgery overall – one of the lowest in modern healthcare. When you ask the patient, most say they would not repeat surgery on their other hand.

Do not be rushed into surgery without the facts or without trying the Best clinically documented conservative therapy – The Carpal Solution.

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