Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

The agony associated with carpal tunnel syndrome is difficult to quantify and no one can tell you how much pain and numbness is too much. When your wrists, hands, and forearms are numb, tingly, and irritated, you may not garner what seems to be the appropriate amount of sympathy or understanding from friends, family, or employers who have never experience Carpal Tunnel Pain. Yet truth be told, the chronic nature of CTS means that, over the long term, sufferers experience a tremendous amount of frustration and discomfort and often suffer in silence secretly.

So how can you find long-lasting relief from this egregious disorder? According to some medical professionals, carpal tunnel surgery should be recommended for the most severe cases where clinically documented conservative treatments have been followed carefully. Yet surgically severing the transverse carpal tunnel ligament at the base of the hand often is not a lasting solution to the underlying stresses which created the syndrome in the first place. It only brings significant relief from carpal tunnel discomfort in 40 to 60 percent of the cases and often has to be repeated.

Indeed, for a repetitive strain injury like CTS, repeating high-risk invasive surgery for the same ailment is a poor protocol at best. Most surgeons will not repeat surgery more than twice. Medical experts warn repeat surgery candidates about the concerns of scarring and risk of other complications including joint pain, nerve damage, tendon injury, infection, reduced range of motion, permanent loss of grip strength, long rehabilitation periods and long-term weakening of the wrist and hand.

Physicians sometimes prescribe large doses (600 mg per night) of Advil or Motrin to a patient to control chronic pain in special circumstances for short periods of time. However, the medical community generally agrees that patients should not consume anti-inflammatory medication consistently for more than a few weeks at a time. The risk of ancillary gastrointestinal problems, liver complications, heart issues, kidney side effects and other deleterious complications is high for those that seek CTS pain relief with prolonged high dose oral pain medication regimens. That’s why educated health care consumers and forward-thinking physicians have been turning to the Carpal Solutionfor reliable Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief without the risks, complications or downtime of conventional healthcare options.

Unlike the high-risk invasive procedures commonly prescribed to reduce the discomfort associated with CTS, the Carpal Solution has yielded remarkable clinical results. Ninety-five percent of Carpal Solution patients have found positive results within six weeks. View the video testimonials and interviews with doctors at My Carpal Tunnel.

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